This year’s Star Wars Event has actually exposed information about both brand-new and returning tasks embeded in a galaxy far, far, and today was no exception. Among Star Wars’ biggest animated tasks, The Bad Batch, was commemorated at its own panel today, and together with premiering a brand-new trailer for season 2, set to premiere this fall, the panel likewise displayed a special clip from the upcoming season, highlighting Omega (voiced by Michelle Ang) and Tech, among the numerous clones voiced by veteran Star Wars voice star Dee Bradley Baker.

The clip, revealed just to guests of the panel, highlighted a more developed Omega, indicating that a long time has actually passed in between season one and the upcoming 2nd season. Her hair is longer, she looks a little older, and she has brand-new armor together with the rest of Clone Force 99 — the titular Bad Batch of faulty clones — sporting a brand-new helmet and bandolier together with her dependable Zygerian energy bow.


Tech, a fan-favorite clone, has Omega remembering Imperial ship enters the clip, most likely to help her in avoiding of the difficulty she and the Bad Batch discovered themselves in throughout season one. Regrettably however, their strategies are disrupted when their ship is assaulted by crab-like aliens, and Tech and Omega need to hurry to both combat the aliens and rescue the remainder of the team, who are likewise being chased after by the animals — specifically, Hunter and Echo.

The Bad Batch works as a spinoff of the long-running animated Star Wars series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and fills out the spaces about what occurred to the faulty batch of clones — whose inhibitor chips were harmed, unlike the remainder of the clones — in the after-effects of Order 66. Relationships were made when the clones embraced Omega, a young, unchanged female clone of Jango Fett and their much more youthful sibling, and alliances were broken when Crosshair, the group’s sniper, selected voluntarily to side with the Empire after Order 66.

The trailer for season 2 reveals a lot more mayhem and experience for the Batch, who are now up versus the growing Empire and needs to wrangle as numerous allies as they can discover to keep their liberty and assist the innocent people of the galaxy. Though very little plot was exposed, there seem looks from young Wookiees (wielding lightsabers, nevertheless!), Task force clones — who have actually not appeared in canon Star Wars product in years — and the return of old allies who share the exact same face as the Batch kids themselves.

The Bad Batch season 2 premieres on Disney+ this fall.