The Beast who broke the 10 day record of strength in the fifth day .. Nelson with a mind blowing

Beast is a film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar and starring Vijay. Despite the mixed reviews, the film continues to be a box office success, with many fans watching the film only for Vijay.

Vijay is over 40 years old and so far there is no one to beat him in dance. That is to say, Vijay is number one in dance in South Indian cinema and has been claiming to be a bitch in dance till now.

Strength movie grossed Rs 100 crore in three days. After that, the film did not receive a huge reception and only 10 days later it achieved a gross of Rs 200 crore. But despite the negative reviews for Beast, it has grossed over Rs 200 crore in just five days.

Many Vijay fans and screen celebrities who have seen this have been saying that if it is a box office hit, then Vijay’s market has never collapsed whether the film is good or not.

Also, the KGF2 movie starring Rocking Star Yash, which was released the day after the Beast release, is colliding with each other in theaters to compete with the Beast.

Even in this situation the thing that the Beast movie has collected 200 crores in 5 days is being celebrated by the fans. And this collection achievement is all made possible by the fact that Commander fans have so far watched none of Vijay’s films in the theater without letting Soda go.

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