The Best Alien Movies On Netflix to Stream Now

The Best Alien Movies On Netflix to Stream Now

Usually, this would be the time where I’d write that Netflix has something for everybody, and move on to telling you all about its weird and wonderful stable of alien movies. But I have to say: I think alien movies might be Netflix’s Achilles’ heel! With its fifty-billion-some titles, there aren’t too many exciting alien movies on Netflix. The hive minds at the streamer have to give Michael Bay an alien script. Or something.

Still, though—you do have some options, if you’re a UFO-head. Zathura: A Space Adventure is basically Jumanji in space, featuring a baby Josh Hutcherson. Awe. Monsters vs. Aliens is one of those hidden-gem kids’ movies that families will still be watching years from now. And Jupiter Ascending was a little ahead of its time, but do you really want to sleep on a Wachowski space opera? Anyway. Here’s what Netflix has to offer in the aliens department.

Jupiter Ascending

If you can get past the sheer weirdness (discomfort?) of seeing Channing Tatum as a goateed human-elf-alien, then you’ll find a pretty epic, Lana and Lilly Wachowski-directed space opera.

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Battle: Los Angeles

Battle: Los Angeles is hardly on the level of a movie like Independence Day, where camouflaged units duke it out with alien intruders. But we’ll never get tired of watching the military spend our hard-earned tax money on blasting as much firepower at aliens as humanly possible.

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Zathura: A Space Adventure

Anyone remember Zathura? It was the Jumanji sequel that never quite reached the hype levels of consensus hype that Jumanji hit. But Zathura still is worth a watch, considering it’s essentially Jumanji in space. Especially because it’s the film that gifted us Astronaut Dax Shepard.

Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens is one of those sweet-spot kids’ movies that has something for adults too. For the kids? A quirky, quippy slapstick romp featuring some instantly memorable characters. For adults? A loving ode to the golden age of the B-movie.

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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

Don’t knock this just yet; a dive into kid shows of yesteryear might just be what you’re missing in your alien movie queue. Nickelodeon’s beloved “kid with a knack for invention” faces his greatest challenge yet when the parents of his hometown in Retroville are kidnapped by aliens. In the true spirit of “Necessity breeds innovation,” Jimmy puts his troubleshooting skills to use with the help of his crew of friends in an effort to rescue their parents.

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The Signal

Three MIT students on a road trip are convinced they’ve tracked down the enemy hacker that almost got them expelled. However, when they reach the anonymous enemy’s location and find themselves thrust into the sky, they realize the force they are dealing with is capable of much more than just server breaches.

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Beyond Skyline

In the midst of an alien invasion, one Los Angeles police officer takes it upon himself to rescue as many people as he can from incoming abductions. First rescuing his son from jail, he then forms a coalition of fellow Los Angelenos to evade the attack and defeat the extraterrestrial forces.

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When a disproportionate number of soldiers begin falling to unknown forces while at war in Europe, a Special Operations team is assigned to get to the bottom of it. As the film’s title suggests, the soldiers find themselves fighting against something as invisible and elusive as it is powerful.

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