Its been 3 years considering that The Big Bang Theorys last episode aired on CBS, however its still among the most popular comedies, with fantastic lessons about relationship and lots of geek culture recommendations. The program ended, however its 7 leading characters and the unforgettable signature tune will survive on in the hearts of fans.

Fans might have wondered about what jobs Sheldon, Cent, Leonard, Amy, Howard, Raj, and Bernadette dealt with throughout the last 3 years. Fortunately is that theyve all been active, so fans of the series can go to those jobs after binge-watching all 12 seasons on Netflix and recollecting about the excellent old days.

Jim Parsons — Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is a genius-level theoretical physicist at Caltech with an IQ of 187 and an eidetic memory. He has a basic absence of social abilities, an unsteady grasp of funny, and a difficult time critical paradox and sarcasm in others. Sheldon really appreciates his loved ones, regardless of his absence of social beautifies.

After the comedy concluded in 2019, Parsons continued to deal with voiceovers for Young Sheldon, a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory. Likewise, in Call Me Kat, Parsons acted as executive manufacturer along with his on-screen better half, Mayim Bialik. Furthermore, he regularly appeared in tv shows like The Simpsons, Hollywood, and Pete The Feline and function movies like The Boys in the Band and Exceptionally Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile.


Johnny Galecki — Leonard Hofstadter

Sheldons roomie and best good friend, Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), is a speculative physicist with an IQ of 173. Unlike his similarly unpopular pals, Leonard has an interest in and knowledgeable at forming bonds with others. Although they cant stand each other, he functions as a brotherly figure to Sheldon. Leonards real love is Cent, his across-the-hall next-door neighbor, whom he promises to wed the minute he sees her.

Following The Big Bang Theory, Johnny played David Healy in the tv series The Conners. He has actually likewise appeared in numerous movies, consisting of Rings, A Pet Dogs Journey, and The Master Cleanse.

Kaley Cuoco — Cent

Cent (Kaley Cuoco) lives throughout the hall from Leonard and Sheldon. She is an ambitious starlet who comes from a small town outside Omaha, Nebraska. Cent worked as a waitress and periodic bartender at the regional Cheesecake Factory till season 7. She is kind-hearted and outbound.

Cuocos next job after The Big Bang Theory was The Flight Attendant, which made her a Golden World election. She likewise voiced Harley Quinn in the two-season animated series of the exact same name. Cuoco will be seen in the upcoming action-thriller movie The Man from Toronto, set to strike theaters in 2022.

Mayim Bialik — Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik) is a neuroscientist who studies dependency in primates and invertebrates, and she periodically points out dependency experiments. She is Sheldons enjoy interest and, later on, his better half. Cent and Bernadette are Amys best pals. She is sweet and caring, yet she can likewise be stern and figured out when needed.

After the program concluded in 2019, Bialik starred in Call Me Kat and hosted a number of episodes of Jeopardy! following the death of Alex Trebek. Bialik has actually likewise appeared in a number of tv episodes, consisting of Little Tikes STEM Jr., Vampirina, and The News Tank. Her most recent job, The Inspector Chronicles, which has to do with an area tourist who can likewise take a trip through time, was simply revealed.

Simon Helberg — Howard Wolowitz

Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) is a Caltech Department of Applied Physics aerospace engineer. Howard, unlike Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj, does not have a degree, and as an outcome, he is regularly buffooned, especially by Sheldon. Howard utilized to cope with his self-important, demeaning, and hidden mom till he weds Bernadette and ends up being the very first of the gang to wed.

Helberg went back to showing a musical drama, Annette, after taking a break after The Big Bang Theory. Helberg likewise voices his more youthful self in the program’s spin-off, Young Sheldon, along with other initial cast members. Helberg is presently starring as Nathan in As They Made United States, a drama written and directed by his previous co-star Mayim Bialik.

Kunal Nayyar — Rajesh Koothrapalli

Rajesh “Raj” Koothrapalli (Kunal Nayyar) operates in the physics department at Caltech, examining astroparticle physics, and is Howard Wolowitzs best good friend. Raj is from an upscale Indian family and routinely talks to his moms and dads, Dr. and Mrs. Koothrappali, by means of web cam. Unlike his male pals, Raj has a great deal of womanly interests, despite the fact that he cant speak with women for the very first a number of seasons.

After the program completed, Nayyar continued to operate in the tv market, appearing in shows such as Bad Guy: UK, Mira, Royal Investigator, and Suspicion. Furthermore, Trolls World Trip, Trolls Vacation in Consistency, and Tiny Diamond Returns to School are amongst the productions he has actually voiced. Spaceman, Nayyar’s newest sci-fi experience photo, is presently in post-production.

Melissa Rauch — Bernadette Rostenkowski

Bernadette Rostenkowski (Melissa Rauch) started her profession as a waitress and Pennys colleague at The Cheesecake Factory, where she utilized her revenues to money her graduate research studies in microbiology. Shes an intense, short-tempered, fierce, manipulative bully and a typically enthusiastic girl with a squeaky voice who can likewise be enjoyable and friendly. Bernadette is Howard’s better half and best good friend of Cent and Amy.

Rauchs operate in the television market continues beyond The Big Bang Theory, with cameos in Robotic Chicken, Animaniacs, and The Chicken Team. She likewise co-starred in The Laundromat, a Netflix comedy-drama with Meryl Streep.