The big thunder that fell on Arun Vijay’s desire .. The rule that proved again and again that there is no zodiac sign

If an actor wants to retain a success for himself in cinema then talent is important but a little bit of luck. There are many heroes who have achieved in cinema only by keeping that luck.

There are some actors who are talented in that category but do not have a zodiac sign. Actor Arun Vijay is in such a situation now. What’s more he comes from a cinematic background but is making big big beats in cinema without a zodiac sign.

Having been acting in cinema for many years, he never got a permanent place in the screen. Yet he is still fighting for a victory. He is currently working on a series of films by a number of great directors.

But all those films are lying dormant due to many problems. He is heavily dependent on films like Border and Elephant in which he has acted. He is waiting for him to get a good turning point if these films come out.

But fate is plotting that. A technician who worked on the movie Elephant in which he starred is facing many problems as he is unable to come out of the movie due to being caught by the police.

Similarly, the Border film is now getting into trouble and becoming fragmented. There is a rumor that a distributor sold the film without the producer’s knowledge. So this film is also suffering from not being released.

Despite Arun Vijay’s talents, he still has many problems. Thus, there is a perception on screen that he has no zodiac sign. Destiny is proving it again and again as if it were accepted.

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