The biggest conspiracy behind the Beast movie .. Is that because of the actor?

The Beast movie starring Vijay, directed by Nelson, was released last month. The film, which was produced by Sun Pictures, was highly anticipated by the fans. As it turned out, the trailer and the lyrics all went terribly viral.

But after the release of the film, many negative reviews were released about the film. The first scene started with a fierce rivalry between Vijay and Ajith fans on social media. Vijay fans have also been blaming the film for the setback.

Despite many problems like this, a report was released that there was no impact on the collection of the film. In this situation, it is being talked about on the screen that Ajith is the reason for the failure of the film Beast. It is said that there was a big conspiracy behind this.

It is said that Vijay’s fans were disturbed a lot when Ajith’s strength movie was released and so Ajith decided not to let the Beast movie win. He also said that the people involved had spread some false information on social networking sites.

This is also the reason why the KGF2 movie which was released the day after this movie was very well received in Tamil Nadu. Vijay and Ajith have been friends for a long time. Some are saying that Ajith has no chance to do this when that is the case.

There are some allegations that Ajith’s manager saw such a conspiracy without his knowledge and that he is doing a lot of work against Vijay. So it is expected that this matter will reach Ajith’s ears very soon.

Some are curious to know what Ajith’s outcome will be in that case. But if the manager is not involved in this, will Ajith solve the fan quarrel that is burning about on social media? No. Is he keeping quiet knowing all this? Many such questions are currently being discussed in the screen world.

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