The black spot on top of Parthiban .. is the only film that has earned a bad name in the carrier

Parthiban is currently directing, producing and starring in the film Shadow of the Night. Parthiban, who has been making a difference in every one of his films, has made an unexpected innovation in this film as well.

Parthiban is awkward to take this single shot which runs for 96 minutes. Everyone was amazed at how it could be taken. But Parthiban has silenced everyone by releasing the making video of the film as best he can.

He is working very hard for this film. Showing a picture in a single shot is not so easy. There are a number of issues involved. He only watched the rehearsal for almost three months for this film.

Many shots have come to naught when I decided to take the picture after that. So he was forced to take the picture back from the beginning. But Parthiban did not give up and took the film as he thought it would.

They have just finished taking the picture in the last twenty-third shot. Similarly, the similar shoe movie in which he acted and directed was released with great anticipation. It is noteworthy that the film, in which Parthiban acted alone, won many awards.

There is a bad movie in Parthiban’s career that has captivated the fans with his films like this. It was an inside-out film released in 1993 starring Parthiban and Aishwarya.

The film, which he directed, will feature a number of obscene verses. So the film met with a lot of criticism and gave him a bad name. In fact, the film is still a black mark on Parthiban’s screen career.

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