The blue shirt Maran who was insulted as a bit film actor .. is the heir actor who is despised for not being able to grow up

Film critic Blue T-shirt Maran has started a channel of his own on YouTube and has been busy spying on it in the name of critique of films by leading actors. Thus there are many opinions coming against him on social media.

But he continues to talk about something without worrying about it and stirs up a controversy. In it, the latest claim that he left the famous actor Chandanu and became a film actor has caused great controversy.

There are many different opinions about the upcoming Beast movie starring Vijay. Actor Ari Arjunan has mentioned this on a stage. What he said in it was that I saw a video of a theater owner talking about Beast and KGF movie collections.

He was talking high about one film and low about another. This is a very sad thing. He spoke eloquently that the false criticism you make about a film is tantamount to leveling the work of the entire film crew.

Many people have been praising Ari’s speech. As such the actor was also praising Shantanu for his speech quality sandals. Sharing this on his Twitter page, Blue Shirt mentioned Maran Shantanu as a drummer chips bit film actor.

His post is currently causing a storm on social media. In retaliation to him, fans have been asking him what kind of anti-Indian film you have made and criticize him first without discriminating.

And in response to Blue Shirt Maran criticizing himself, Chandanu tweeted that he never knew everything like this retail work would happen. Fans have been commenting in support of this and against him for what you did when he spoke about the strength film.

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