With the Season 3 best of The Kids nearly upon us, Prime Video continues increase with its dazzling promo for the series. Nevertheless, if you were considering illuminating a joint loaded with the devil’s lettuce (where it’s legal obviously!) and tuning in to Prime Video for the season best on Friday, Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) is asking you to refrain. In a discount teaser launched on Twitter by the program’s designer, Eric Kripke, among the series’ latest Supes advises audiences to simply state no to drugs.

Sponsored and authorized by the Vought Advertisement Council, the clip opens on Ackles’ Soldier Boy dressed up completely clothing. A satire on Marvel’s Captain America, Soldier Boy wears a headpiece with a star decorating the forehead, an eagle chest piece, and a blue color combination. An American flag waves in the background of the old-timey civil service statement that harkens back to the early days of the “Just Say No” project of the 1980s. While Soldier Boy’s message drones on, calling those who utilize drugs “not cool,” fans of the series will acknowledge the paradox in the reality that a number of the Supes utilize illegal drugs recreationally.


The upcoming season is currently guaranteeing to leave control with the addition of 6 brand-new characters and the addition of the long-awaited “Herogasm” episode. In addition to Ackles, fans can anticipate to see Laurie Holden, Miles Gaston Villanueva, Nick Weschler, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Katia Winter Season handling functions in The Kids universe. The “Herogasm” episode is anticipated to make whatever fans have actually seen up until now pale in contrast as the Supes go out to what they state is an annual celebration, however is truly a reason for a base orgy with generous quantities of drug use. The approaching episode has actually gathered a high quantity of anticipation as fans aspire to see how far the program will forge ahead.

When It Comes To Ackles, fans have actually been long waiting for the Supernatural star’s go back to the little screen. Following his 15-season operate on the fan-favorite CW series, The Kids will mark his big return. And when it rains, it puts; Ackles and his partner, Danneel Ackles, have actually simply had their Supernatural prequel series, The Winchesters, got for a very first season thanks to The CW. Ackles’ Supernatural character, Dean Winchester, will tell and might even make a look down the line if we’re fortunate!

While it’s difficult to not hear Dean Winchester’s voice as Soldier Boy in the brand-new The Kids anti-drug promotion, we intend to see Ackles knock his representation of the superhero out of the park. Have a look at the complete promotion clip listed below and prepare to capture the best of The Kids Season 3 when it flies onto Prime Video this Friday: