Our slipping suspicions have actually been verified! As we reported the other day, The Kids launched a discount teaser providing fans a take a look at the extremely expected addition, particularly of Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy. In the clip, Soldier Boy deals with the masses in a civil service statement that advises them to “Just Say No” to drugs. As we discussed the other day, the whole on-screen talk was a load of bull from a character, who is understood to utilize alcohol and drugs along with the rest of his superhero buddies. And today, the Prime Video series’ Twitter account launched a brand-new variation of the PSA, this time as an outtake reel.

Revealing the curtness and indecency that much of the characters on the hit series are understood for, this time we see the genuine Soldier Boy as he loses his perseverance with the group behind the after school unique. Acknowledging their play on Marvel’s do-good superhero, Captain America, the post is captioned, “This your Captain, America?” which is the best intro to a character who couldn’t be more eliminated from the morals of Marvel’s precious Very first Avenger, Steve Rogers. Irritable and short-tempered with every line fed to him, Soldier Boy muddles through the shooting procedure while calling out his own hypocrisy. With numerous laugh-out-loud moments, our individual preferred line is “If taking drugs is uncool, I’m the most uncool motherf*cker on the planet.” Taking swigs from his flask and acting like an intoxicated queen, Soldier Boy might not be the hero we requested for, however he’s the one we should have.


The promotion was particularly amazing to capture Ackles in his extremely expected followup to his time on the long-running series, Supernatural. As any fan of the 15 season leviathan of a hit CW production will understand, Ackles played the function of Dean Winchester. While Dean was a generous, wholesome character who would provide his life for others at the drop of a penny, Soldier Boy is anything however. With a mouth like a sailor and an attitude problem to match, it should be exceptionally rejuvenating for Ackles to tackle his most current casting.

Fans long waiting for the return of the series won’t need to wait a lot longer as The Kids Season 3 will be striking Prime Video this Friday, June 3 (this is not a drill!). Together with the familiar faces of cast members who’ve belonged to the series because the first day, the upcoming 3rd installation will see the similarity Laurie Holden, Miles Gaston Villanueva, Nick Weschler, Sean Patrick Flannery, and Katia Winter Season signing up with Ackles. You can capture Soldier Boy’s “Just Say No” outtakes listed below and get captured up on the very first and 2nd seasons of The Kids, now streaming on Amazon’s Prime Video, prior to the launching of Season 3.