The Boys Theory: Redemption Of The A-Train Could Take A Dark Suicide Squad Twist

The Boys Theory: Redemption Of The A-Train Could Take A Dark Suicide Squad Twist
The Boys Theory: Redemption Of The A-Train Could Take A Dark Suicide Squad Twist

In Season 3 of The Boys, A-Train’s trip has actually been an oscillating one filled with unstable emotions. He rejoices Homelander called him back to The 7, yet he’s still deathly worried of the tyrant. To make it even worse, he’s gotten on side with The Deep, understanding that the silly Aquaman pastiche can slide Homelander information about A-Train’s involvement in exposing Stormfront’s Nazism, which caused her eventual fatality.

However, A-Train had more individual issues to manage when the racist vigilante, Blue Hawk, maintained beating on Black individuals in his area. Unfortunately, A-Train’s brother, Nate, got incapacitated in one heartbreaking case, which finished in A-Train extremely killing the cape. This changed A-Train’s equipments to that of redemption, yet thanks to a nasty, unsolicited act from Vought International, his tale might have taken a dark Suicide Squad twist because of his health issue.

The concept originates from A-Train suffering a cardiac arrest after eliminating Blue Hawk, which was because of his misuse of Compound V. He would certainly been advised not to use his powers, but he really felt retribution deserved it. It wasn’t just about Nate, though, since A-Train harbored regret over killing innocents like Robin (Hughie’s girlfriend) in past accidents, so this was a means of atoning.

He awakened at a Vought medical facility, thankful to be active after he fell down on the street. Ashley, the acting CEO as well as Homelander’s lackey, made it clear, nonetheless, he was just alive since they put Blue Hawk’s heart in him, which left A-Train upset. It was all that continued to be after A-Train dragged the chauvinist with the streets at lightning-fast rate. Ashley discreetly hinted he ought to value this second possibility as well as fall in line against traitors like Starlight. However as opposed to being a veiled danger, given just how threatening Vought, and especially Homelander can be, it’s very easy to imagine in charge wiring A-Train to make him a puppet using the extremely transplant that conserved him.

As a result of his super-hearing and also the consistent bickering in between The Deep as well as A-Train, Homelander may popular A-Train betrayed him, explaining why he’s been harassing A-Train all season long. Therefore, much like exactly how he imprisoned Maeve to harvest her eggs, he can have waited all season wish for a minute of vengeance, which can currently present itself in circuitry a bomb to A-Train’s new heart. In that sense, Homelander would certainly be following DC’s Amanda Waller, that utilized explosive implants in the heads of her Suicide Squad participants.

Once they got out of line, Waller blew them up in numerous comics, cartoons and flicks, so Homelander can offer the same bargain to his speedster, repeating the chauvinist is without a doubt the ultimate puppet master. With Homelander reducing a white supremacist number since late, it ‘d be a meta declaration on systematic bigotry, given A-Train’s a Black man that defended his neighborhood, only to be mocked by his employer. Eventually, if this concept holds out, the vicious act would be psychological and also physical injustice, sticking true to Homelander’s brand and also how much he likes lording power and also control to keep folks in line.

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