The budget of the dizzying next film.? 4 corporate crocodiles competing for Rajamouli

SS Rajamavuli has directed some of the biggest films including Bhagwati and Bhagwati 2. All the films he has directed with his epic storyline have been hugely acclaimed in Telugu as well as other languages. In this situation, the RRR movie, which is currently being released under his direction, has been well received by the fans and has achieved mass success and box office record. Meanwhile, four corporates are vying to buy Rajamavully’s film as the plot is ready for his next film.

Actor Ramcharan and Jr. NDR starred in the RRR film which was released as Pan India in languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The film, which focuses on some of the events that took place during the English period, was a huge success. Meanwhile, to celebrate the success of the film, the crew has been traveling to various states to meet fans and express their gratitude.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli is currently retired and fans are looking forward to seeing his next film. Rajamouli is fast-tracking the plot for his next film, thinking that all that was left is enough. It has already been rumored in the Telugu screen world that a film will be made on the biggest budget in the alliance of Rajamavuli and Telugu world superstar Maheshbabu. At this stage, the official information has come out that the plot of the film is ready and the film is to be produced by producer KL Narayanan.

It is also rumored that the film will be made on a budget of Rs 500 crore and will be a treasure hunt storyline. It was also reported that three-quarters of the film will be shot in Africa. Directed by Rajamavuli as the Pan India film, the film’s female studio of Bollywood, a leading corporate house, and four companies, including Red Giant Movies in Tamil, are vying to buy theatrical distribution for the film.

The recently released RRR movie has become a box office hit, garnering huge collections from theatrical distributors. And many corporates are vying for the idea that Rajamavuli’s film will be well received by the fans no matter what the plot of the film. Not only this, the film industry is also claiming that the Rajamavuli Maheshbabu alliance will get huge revenue.

Meanwhile, actor Maheshbabu is currently starring in Sarkar Wari Patta starring Keerthi Suresh. His next film, Major, is set to release in June, with the film set to release in May. It has been reported that the film, which is being made in collaboration with Rajamavuli and Maheshbabu, will start shooting next year.

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