It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in all its ludicrousness and absurdity, provides the audience what they desire in a non-traditional comedy. Throughout the incredible 15 seasons and 162 episodes of the series, the cast has actually collected a cult following due to its characters and dark humor. The series has actually climaxed for the longest-running live-action funny series having actually beaten ABC’s The Experiences of Ozzie and Harriet.

Regardless of not ending it on the 15th season, in an interview, among the primary actors Charlie Day hinted that the 16th season might be the last of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – however absolutely nothing is specific yet. With the series’ last episode airing in December 2021, here’s an upgrade on what the cast has actually depended on.

Rob McElhenney – Ronald “Mac” McDonald

Rob McElhenney, the developer and co-developer of this cherished series, played the character of Ronald “Mac” McDonald, or merely referred to as Mac. He is the co-owner and bodyguard of the Irish bar, Paddy’s Bar. His character is deeply insecure, and he continuously looks for approval from those around him, specifically from his put behind bars dad (Gregory Scott Cummins) and Dennis (Glenn Howerton). Though it is insinuated that Mac is gay considering that the start of the series, he doesn’t come out to The Gang till season 12 of the series.

McElhenney has actually invested most of his profession on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – as the developer, co-developer, executive manufacturer, star, and periodic director. He has actually invested almost twenty years of his life on the series, however in 2020 co-created and stars in the series called Mythic Mission together with his co-star Charlie Day. It is presently in its 2nd season and is operating on Apple television+. Perk truth: did you understand that Rob McElhenney purchased a Welsh football club called Wrexham A.F.C. together with Deadpools Ryan Reynolds? There will even be a docuseries about it!


Charlie Day – Charlie Kelly

Charlie Day, playing the character of the very same given name, Charlie Kelly, is the co-owner of Paddy’s bar and is thought about the “wild card” of the gang. Besides his unforeseeable nature, he is likewise understood for not looking after his health; periodically takes baths in the sink, has a nasty body smell, and sweats more than the typical individual.

Day has a comprehensive filmography list in both movie and tv. A few of his significant works consist of Awful Managers, Pacific Rim, and Going the Range. His existing untitled funny movie where he plays the primary function of a quiet character remains in its post-production stage. He has actually needed to hold off the production of the movie due to including an additional 27 pages to the script after being encouraged by distinguished director Guillermo Del Toro. Besides the movie, he is the co-creator and executive manufacturer of Mythic Mission together with Rob McElhenney.

Kaitlin Olson – Deandra Reynolds

Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), who the Gang mainly describes as “Dee”, is the only female character out of the Gang. She is Dennis’ non-identical twin sibling and the waitress of Paddy’s Bar. Dee is the most sensible among the group however slowly loses her sense of morality throughout the list below seasons. Nobody blames Dee for ending up that method since the remainder of the Gang is far from being ethically appropriate.

In 2020, Olson starred in Quibi’s funny series Turned, as one of the primary characters together with Will Strength, Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, and a couple of others. The function she played, Cricket Melfi, made her an Emmy election in the Impressive Starlet in a Short Kind Funny or Drama Series classification. She is presently starring in a repeating function in HBO Max’s comedy-drama Hacks, which got vital recognition and was chosen for lots of awards consisting of Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden World Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards, simply among others. And for those who dont understand, she has actually been wed to her, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-star Rob McElhenney considering that 2008.

Glenn Howerton – Dennis Reynolds

Considered as the most “psychopathic” amongst the group, Dennis (Glenn Howerton) is conceited, self-centered, and excessively sexual towards women who discover him appealing (or vice versa). He is possibly the most questionable character, due to his managing and violent nature towards others, specifically women. It is even hinted that Dennis might be a serial killer, however this stays a secret. He likewise calls himself a “golden god” due to his self-belief that he is in control of whatever that occurs.

Howerton’s most current primary function in tv remains in an action-thriller on Quibi’s The Fugitive, where he played the character of Jerry Conwell. His most current movie, comedy-drama How It Ends, was launched in July 2021, and likewise co-stars Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis. He likewise has a movie credit for Charlie Day’s upcoming untitled movie which remains in post-production.

Danny DeVito – Frank Reynolds

Nobody might forget Danny DeVito’s representation of Frank Reynolds, the dad of Dennis and Dee in the series. Seeing how Dennis and Dee have actually ended up makes us question his function as a moms and dad. He snorts drug as part of his day-to-day regimen, picks to share a little studio with Charlie, and sleeps beside him on a little pull-out sofa in spite of being more than economically efficient in getting his own place.

Regardless Of being the only one of various age (and height) to the remainder of the cast, his efficiency in the series shows how much of a recognized star he is. With several years of experience and a comprehensive list of filmography, besides It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, he is likewise understood for his functions in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Taxi, and Regards To Endearment. He won lots of awards for the lots of functions he has actually done and was even chosen for a cameo function in an episode of Buddies, where he played a male stripper. His most current operate in movie is as Charlie Goldman in HBO’s biographical drama movie The Survivor. His upcoming movie, a supernatural scary funny called Haunted Estate, is because of be launched in March 2023. He will star together with Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and a couple of others.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis – The Waitress

Referred to as merely The Waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), Ellis plays this repeating character in the series as the waitress who operates in the cafe near Paddy’s Bar. She establishes a major crush on Dennis after sleeping with him on one event. She has actually likewise slept with Charlie and Frank. Her genuine name stays unidentified and really couple of ideas are offered on her real name.

Numerous may understand or may not understand this, however Ellis has actually been wed to Charlie Day considering that 2006, simply a year after the series aired. Her most current movie function remains in How It Ends with her partner and co-star Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton. She likewise starred in Licorice Pizza, starring Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, and Benny Safdie, which got 3 elections at the 94th Academy Awards. She will likewise have a function in Charlie Day’s upcoming untitled movie.

David Hornsby – Priest Matthew “Rickety Cricket” Mara

Matthew Mara, or referred to as “Rickety Cricket”, is played by star David Hornsby. He is defrocked priest and a previous high school good friend of The Gang. Given that reuniting with The Gang, his life has actually been on a down spiral. He ended up being homeless, addicted to numerous drugs (drug, fracture, and PCP), had actually broken legs, had his throat slashed, blinded in one eye, and had burns on the left side of his eye. All of these are straight and indirectly triggered or affected by The Gang – sufficient suffices!

Hornsby was the voice of Theodore Roosevelt in the next Night at the Museum franchise movie, Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Increases Once Again, changing the late Robin Williams. He likewise plays among the primary characters, David Brittlesbee in the series Mythic Mission and is among the authors and executive manufacturers together with Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. He likewise composes for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.