The celebrity who criticized the KGF movie in a disgusting manner

Usually when a movie hits, controversy ensues. Criticisms and controversies are not new in Indian cinema, starting with the trailer, the songs, the plot and scenes of the film. In that sense, the action scenes in the film, which celebrates the recent release of KGF2 starring actor Yash in Indian cinema, have provoked protests from the Karnataka police.

In 2018, the KGF movie starring Kannada actor Yash and Sreenithi Shetty was released in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada and was well received. Meanwhile, the second part of the film, directed by Prasanth Neil, was recently released in theaters. On the first day of release, the KGF 2 movie robbed the minds of the fans and they are celebrating as Salaam Rocky Boy.

The film was a huge success in terms of box office success as KGF2 in many languages ​​as the Pan India film. KGF2 grossed Rs 625 crore in just five days of its release, with the film being released in theaters around the world. KGF2 has also been hailed as India’s ninth highest grossing box office hit.

At this point, Yash’s action scenes as a gangster in the movie KGF2 and the character of Rocky Boy were well received by the fans. In this case, the film’s Violence Violence Violence ‘and the shooting scenes, despite being shown as mass, have provoked many protests. Former Bangalore commissioner Bhaskar Rao has said that such violent scenes are likely to provoke youth aggression.

In the KGF2 movie, actor Yash is seen carrying a gun in his hand and going inside the parliament with blood all over his body and shooting the MP with a gun. There will also be shots of several policemen standing alone at the entrance of the police station. Bhaskar Rao said that in this situation, the youth who watch such scenes are definitely at risk of resorting to violence and the directors should refrain from showing such scenes.

He also said that directors should avoid showing rowdies to cast actors like the biggest gangsters. But despite such protests, fans still like the story of the protagonists in the role of the anti-hero. Fans are more interested in playing their favorite heroes as villains than in acting as heroes.

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