The celebrity who made Madhavan ugly in the beginning .. Look at the last few words wedge

Madhavan, the actor who emerged as the chocolate boy of Tamil cinema in the 2000s, is now back for the first time after a long hiatus and is now directing his own film ‘Rocketry’. The crew plans to release the film in July in three languages, Tamil, Hindi and English.

In this case, an incident that took place during Madhavan’s early cinema journey is now being talked about virally. That is to say, Mani Ratnam directed the 2000 film Alaipayuthey which was a super hit and in the same year he acted in what was after that film.

He was planning to act in another film after this one. Then the producer has spoken ill of Madhavan. Madhavan’s Alaipayute was a hit, and what was released after that was a huge failure.

The producer has told me how to pay him a large sum of money when that is the case. On hearing this, Madhavan said, ‘Is there no salary for my acting and my beauty? Will I get paid for the success of my previous film? ‘ As has gone on talking angrily.

So, Madhavan, who was waiting for a film with the right storyline, got the chance to star in the 2002 film Run, directed by Siva, with the intention of somehow giving a hit film and putting charcoal in their mouths. The film was a super duper success and won Madhavan the Best Actor award from the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The same producer who then made Madhavan look ugly has asked him to look for him again and act in the film. Then Madhavan asked for a large sum of money for him to have a heart attack. Then the producer of the film paid Madhavan a big salary to cast him.

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