The celebrity who pointed out the mistake of the KGF movie .. Then tell me about this movie

The success of the recently released blockbuster films RRR, Pushpa and KGF has taken everyone by surprise. All this has generated revenue in the Hindi market and now a question has been posed to Tamil cinema, with a lot of journalists asking those in the cinema why such films do not come only in Tamil.

It is widely rumored that the recently released Yash’s KGF2 movie has surpassed Vijay’s Beast in Tamil Nadu. As a result, good films are not coming in Tamil cinema and various allegations have been made that Tamil cinema is being destroyed.

It is getting two different opinions from cinema celebrities. Some have responded in favor of this and some against this claim. Producer CV Kumar took to Twitter to respond.

In it, he cites many good films released in Tamil as an example and says that if you say that the commercial film KGF is the best of all, then leave Tamil cinema is good. “KGF is a good film, but it does not match the best storytelling films in Tamil, in my opinion,” he posted.

Thorns and Flowers, No Time to Fall in Love, Wedding Gifts, etc. are some of the good pictures that have been released recently. He has done films like Prisoner, Jay Beam, Danakaran.

Although KGF2 is actually the best film, it’s the best film in the making. But the story has a mediocre story. Basically we have rejected films with better storytelling and making in the past, which is what has motivated our actors and directors to make mere commercial films.

RRR, Bhagwati and KGF had produced one in a thousand films in Tamil in 2010 in parallel to the now celebrated film. But the failure of the film later prevented such films from being made later. Apart from being one in a thousand, a lot of films like Alavanthan, Hey Ram, Anbe Sivam are now celebrating but these were also the biggest failures commercially when they were released.

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