The chemistry between Xiao Zhan and Baibaihe is right in the hot series “Sunshine by My Side”.

At the moment, there is a Chinese series that has just released a poster and trailer, and fans around the world have been waiting and waiting for it. Sunshine by My Side, iQIYI’s new original Chinese romantic drama that has become a worldwide hit, is the new work of two famous A-list actors in China. Xiao Zhan The protagonist and singer of the hottest young singers who have deposited popular works on iQIYI (Ai Qiyi), such as ACE TROOPS, Jade Dynasty and Baibaihe, the goddess of romantic comedies such as A Wedding Invitation and Our Times, whom the duo played together in the original romantic series of the year. Sunshine by My Side premieres worldwide on September 1st, exclusively on iQIYI!

Sunshine by My Side tells the story of a young love affair in the advertising industry. Jian Ping (Baibaihe), a famous commercial director, and Sheng Yang (Xiao Zhan). First-year students in the industry One of them recently ended his marriage. The other waits for the day when love breaks. The two met by chance and began to build a relationship with each other, but the hiking trail was not always sprinkled with rose petals. Along the way, they encounter obstacles. The splint is a proof of love. What’s next, be prepared to follow iQIYI.

In addition to Xiao Zhan and Baibaihe, two high-profile actors will join the cast. The series also features a talented cast, including Tianyu. Actors who have contributed works such as Our Times, Some Like It Hot, Ju Ju, who have contributed works such as The Rebel, Breath of Destiny, Yuan Wenkang, who has contributed works such as This Office Has Hope (Never Give Up), Crimson River and this series. Song Xiaofei The director, who was nominated for the Taiwan Golden Horse Award and the Macau International Film Festival, has worked on films such as Some Like It Hot and teamed up with renowned writers Li Xiao and Jiang Wuji to create the series. It is a gathering of talented actors and high-quality Chinese crews in one story.

How smoothly will the couple’s love story go, or how many obstacles will they encounter? Join them on their journey in the series. Sunshine by My Side will be available every day at 7:30 p.m. only on the iQIYI app and on website from September 1st!

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