The copy of the movie Gorkha is the Beast itself

Directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar and starring Commander Vijay, the theatrical release of the film received mixed reviews from fans. Despite its box office success, fans have been lamenting that the film is not set for Vijay Range.

Meanwhile, when the trailer of the film came out, netizens were adamant that it was similar to the Gorkha movie already starring actor Yogi Babu. In this case, Sam Anton Beast, the director of the film Gourkha, is currently commenting on the film.

The Beast movie, produced by Sun Pictures, will be filmed with the storyline of terrorists hijacking a mall. Commander Vijay would have played the role of a warrior who stands alone to save the civilians trapped by the extremists. Director Sam Anton is currently interviewing about the film.

In this position he would have played the lead role of actor Yogibabu in the 2019 film Gorkha which was released in motion. In this movie, Yogi Babu will protect the public from the terrorists who hijack a mall with his comedic performance. Netizens have been articulating that the Beast movie currently starring Vijay is set in the same style.

Meanwhile director Sam Anton Beast who spoke about it said that the biggest film, Gorkha is a small budget film. There have been many movies in Hollywood focusing on the mall story. Gorkha is a movie that has a similar storyline. But after watching Vijay’s Beast movie I forgot the consonant. Sam Anton said his acting and his action scenes were great.

And it would take a lot of courage for a big star like Vijay to act in a story like this and Vijay would have done it as an assault. In this context, it is not correct to compare the Beast film with the Gorkha film, and he has stated categorically that the Gorkha film is not on the scale of the Beast film except as a comedy film.

He further said that many films in Tamil cinema are released with the same scenes. For example, movies including Palace and Kanzana are set in a single house. Similarly, Allu Arjun’s Pushpa, a Telugu film released as Pan India, was in the style of Captain Prabhakaran’s film starring Vijaykanth. And no one compares. But Sam Anton said that when a great actor like Vijay plays in a film, it is common for criticism to arise about it.

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