The crisis caused to Shankar by the RRR film .. The struggle to retain the market

Ram Charan is the son of Chiranjeevi, the emperor of Telugu cinema. He has a growing fan base in Tamil Nadu beyond Telugu cinema. The main reason for this is the recently released R.R.R. film.

The RRR film was directed by Rajamouli and starring Ramcharan, Jr. NDR and Alia Bhatt. The film was released in theaters. The collection also made good profits. Both Ramcharan and Jr. NDR are popular everywhere in the menu tank due to the R&R film released as a Pan Indian film.

In this situation, director Shankar, who has surrendered to Ram, is currently directing a great film. Shankar will never starve for grandeur in his films. That is exactly what Ram Charan wants now. Because Ramcharan has got a status by R.R.R. film.

In order to maintain it, he aims to capture the minds of the people with such a film again. So this film is also developing tremendously. And recently, on the occasion of the Tamil New Year, Ramcharan congratulated in Tamil on his Twitter page.

It was well received among the Tamil fans. Thus, Ramcharan, who has gained more fans in Tamil Nadu, has said that the story should be suitable for the Tamil fans to retain it.

In this situation, it is up to Shankar to uplift Ramcharan’s market. Because Ramcharan fans can only keep themselves in mind if this film is in a way to attract fans like the RRR film. And in Tamil Nadu, Ramcharan’s carrier is in Shankar’s hands.

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