‘The Curse of La Patasola’ Ending & Review: A Misfire in the Right Direction


What makes for a acceptable scare movie is no longer appropriate the epic or the scare part but additionally the representation. The Curse of La Patasola is a scare movie that has a purposeful space but fails attributable to an absence of representation and essentially attributable to a awful antagonist. It is a properly-crafted effort, however the movie had the aptitude to be grand extra.

The story follows two struggling couples, Sarah-Daniel and Naomi-James, whose relationships, and moralities are examined by a spirit called La Patasola. In South American folklore, La Patasola is a ghost who hunts down males who think girls rather than their cherished and possesses the “other lady.”

‘The Curse of La Patasola’ Space Summary

From the very beginning of the movie, we uncover Naomi and Daniel having a row regarding their ideologies. Naomi is a hardcore feminist, and Daniel is, properly, a pseudo-anti-feminist, if no longer fully so. That is established while they’re in a automobile on the vogue to camping within the woodland. They’re extra like frenemies. There might be that this continuous incompatibility that occurs between the two. Neither Naomi nor Daniel will stay nonetheless to defend some distance from a row since it system their defeat. Naomi, feminist to the core, prefers to be blunt, appropriate as Sarah tells her to be, and purchase a stand for herself and girls in most cases. Daniel believes that males are “suppliers” and “protectors” for girls, and that girls depend on them.

Even all around the scene where the two couples are across the campfire, the dialog between the four of us is extra of a give-and-purchase between Naomi and Daniel. Naomi tells the yarn of La Patasola but hesitates to narrate her name. She tells her listeners that speaking the spirit’s name invites her presence, appropriate like a moment of weak point can invite unfaithfulness in a relationship.

Whereas she narrates the epic, it is Daniel who interrupts her and tries to highlight her sexist nature, declaring her feminism. Sarah and James agree with no mutter within the topic. All they’ll attain is attempt to decrease the warmth. Nonetheless, unbeknownst to them, this warmth is what sparks a fire between Daniel and Naomi. It’s no longer like or anything else terminate to that. They both possess a project of authority, or reasonably that which possesses them, that Naomi and Daniel attribute to at least one but every other. They stay wide awake kissing every other, which, as anticipated, calls upon the wrath of La Patasola. That is precisely what Naomi intended when she spoke the traces mentioned above, phrase for phrase. The unfaithful kiss invited La Patasola’s presence.

What follows is what the yarn stated. Along with her hypnotic boom, La Patasola lures Daniel deep into the woodland within the heart of the night. She possesses Naomi, too. On the stay of the film, Daniel is killed by a possessed Naomi, and Sarah kills Naomi out of nettle after La Patasola phases a romance between Daniel and Naomi in entrance of her. On this model, La Patasola takes her revenge on the unfaithful man and kills the lady appropriate as her husband murdered her for dishonest. The reality that La Patasola kills Naomi on the hands of Sarah serves because the judgment she obtained. She, too, became once killed by her husband for her unfaithfulness. Nonetheless, if this became once the case, Naomi must had been killed by James, isn’t it? That is where the creators of ‘The Curse of La Patasola’ went irascible.

Is Forgiveness Freedom?

The deaths of Daniel and Naomi are adopted by a chase scene with James and Sarah attempting to flee from La Patasola, who has now taken up her horrible manufacture. It sounds as if hurting James became once by no system her blueprint because he became once splendid. She became once after Sarah because, curiously, she became once within the identical quandary as La Patasola’s husband, i.e., cheated on. And Patasola wished Sarah to forgive Daniel, grand like she wished her husband to forgive her. That’s the reason when Sarah places on Daniel’s ring and forgives him, La Patasola calms down. She utters the name Mateo, which is potentially her husband’s name. She hopes her husband has forgiven her as she stares at James and Sarah, both of whom agree with forgiven their partners, as they’re picked up by the local ranger and leave the woodland in his vehicle.

From the looks of it, La Patasola is free from her chains. But her mere presence on the stay of the film speaks in every other case. If she had been freed, she wouldn’t be around in any respect. The movie, thus, leaves us with an initiate ending.

The Curse of La Patasola is a 2022 Drama Apprehension Movie directed by AJ Jones.

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