The director told me to act naked .. Look at Poorna and let the other actresses shout

Actress Poorna is popular among the fans who have acted in language films in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Although he did not get much recognition in the beginning, he is now well-received for acting in films with good storytelling.

Mishkin directed the film Devil 2, which was well received. The film also stars Purna as Andrea in the lead role. Apart from this, Purna has acted in many films.

In this situation, Purna has acted in the recently released film Visithran starring RK Suresh. The film has been released and has been well received by the fans. In this situation, Purna has been giving interviews to many media. Then there was the question of Andrea starring nude in Devil 2.

But Purna refused to answer that question. He also said that you will know when the film is released. They also asked if you had any chance of being asked to act naked like this. Purna who answered it said yes I also got the chance.

A director approached me and told me to act nude in one of the important scenes. That opportunity came to me from a very large ODT site. I really liked that story too. But he said he rejected the film with great regret.

That nude scene is very important to the story. But Purna had said that she refused to act in the film because I could not act like that. Many people are praising the refusal to act in a full nude scene among actresses who dare to do everything for money.

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