The eel fish caught for the 100th film .. In the huge bait put by Jeeva Appa

Jeeva’s father RP Chaudhary started Super Good Films and has produced many quality stories. Many of the films he made in that genre were made to appeal to families and were well received.

He has produced almost 99 films so far. Next he plans to make his hundredth film. He is wondering if anyone can book a great hero for this film. For that he has even spoken to actor Vijay.

Now a story has been prepared for Vijay and it has been told to him too. After hearing the story, Vijay is very impressed and agrees to make the film. So soon the 100th film to be produced by Super Good Films is going to be Vijay’s film.

They have already put Vijay and given him many hit movies like Poove For You, Loveday, Unbreakable Mind, Tirupati. The last Zilla film to be released in their alliance was well received.

The company also produced their 50th film with Jeeva. The 100th film that is currently being made following it is hugely ready with Vijay in the lead.

It is expected that the announcement will be made soon as Vijay has also agreed to call sheet quality for Super Good Films. It is noteworthy that the famous production company Tenandal Films produced their 100th film Mersal with Vijay.

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