The entire film crew surrendered .. Vijay who turned into a puppet to Rashmika

Rashmika Mandana starred in last year’s Allu Arjun starrer Pushpa and has a huge fan base waiting for her wherever she goes. The whole of Tamil Nadu is reeling from the match he played for the song ‘Sami Sami’ in the film.

Wherever he goes, he is persuaded to play the game he played. Now Commander 66 is waiting to pair up with Vijay for the film. In this case he is starring in four more films. After starring in those films, Commander 66 had to postpone the film for 4 days.

Vijay and the entire crew waited for him for three days. It’s amazing that Vijay is flexible to this. So the shooting, which was supposed to start on May 1, is currently taking place on May 4.

So Commander’s 66th film is being produced by Dil Raju, directed by Telugu director Vamsi Bidybili and produced in two languages, Tamil and Telugu, with SS Daman composing the music. The film is going to be made into a completely sentimental film.

So the producer of the film has already said that the film, which started this month, will be completed soon and will be released for the upcoming Diwali festival. But Commander fans who know that Rashmika is the reason for the shooting delay are a little vampire on him,

It is being rumored in Kollywood that Rashmika Mandana is postponing the shooting in order to show off her guts while the market is on, in line with the ‘scorn when the wind blows’.

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