The famous actor who was to act in the movie Beast for the first time .. Nelson who trapped Vijay in Plan Panni

Vijay’s Beast, directed by Nelson Dileepkumar, is currently running in theaters with mixed reviews. On the one hand, the negative comments about the film are coming, but on the other hand, the film is a record in the collection.

In that sense, the film has grossed crores of rupees within a few days of its release. However, the story of the film is not so good and it is being talked about on screen that the film has collected so much only for Vijay.

Though it is shocking that such reviews are coming for the film which has generated huge anticipation, Vijay has given up all that and started focusing on the next film. In this case, Nelson told the story of the Beast movie to a famous actor before the visit.

Nelson Kolamau wrote many stories following the film Kokila. He himself has said this in many interviews. He also said that he is interested in directing a film with several leading actors in a row.

In this case, he was the first to tell all the stories he had written to actor Sivakarthikeyan. The two have been friends since Vijay was on TV. She has told him all her stories based on that habit.

Dr. Sivakarthikeyan, who has heard all the stories including the story of the film Beast, has only chosen the story of the film. Because Doctor understands that the story of the film alone is somewhat better and he agrees to star in the film. Sivakarthikeyan, who heard the story of the film Beast, told Nasuk that he liked the story of the film Doctor.

It was then that Nelson Beast told Vijay the story of the film. Currently, the news about Sivakarthikeyan’s denial of the story of the film Beast is going viral on social media. And Vijay fans are angry that Nelson has deliberately ruined the story of the Beast movie.

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