Statistically, female killers are an abnormality. According to a worldwide murder research study performed by UNDOC, in 2017, 90% of all murders were committed by males, and 80% of victims were males, too. Aside from the despicably high domestic violence data (typically, 3 women a week are killed by their present or previous intimate partner), none of our curated killers were founded guilty for self-defense.

What draws a female to murder? Far from discovering themselves in dangerous warnings, these determined criminal offenses were premeditated with troubling information. Some run with a similarly wicked accomplice, while the others acted of their own accord. Regardless, they all left destruction in their wake.

This short article includes referrals of a graphic nature: kid abuse, sexual assault, violence, and murder.

Rose West: Born Evil?


Rose West British Serial Killer with Fred West and in mugshot