The first glimpse of Yuvraj Singh’s son came to light, the wife shared the picture

Mumbai- Actress Hazel Keach and former cricketer Yuvraj Singh are currently enjoying their parenthood life. The couple likes to keep their personal life secret. That’s why when Hazel was pregnant, she made sure no one knew about it. Hazel Keach gave birth to her first child in January this year. Now, about 3 months later, the couple shared the first picture of their baby.

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After the birth of their child, the couple requested the media and their fans to respect their privacy and allow them to enjoy a peaceful moment with their family. There, after the birth of their son, the couple has neither shared a picture of their baby nor revealed his name but now, about 3 months later, the couple has shared the first picture of their baby. Although the child’s face is not visible in the photo, it is going viral on social media. Hazel’s darling is seen sleeping on the bed in the shared photo. Speaking of looks, the baby in the red color outfit looks quite cute. To hide the baby’s face, Hazel has affixed a Star Wars sticker that says May The 4th Be With U.

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Hazel was engaged to Yuvraj on November 12, 2015. Then on November 30, 2016, the two tied the sacred knot of marriage. About five years after the marriage, the couple’s first child echoes in their home. Hazel gave birth to a baby boy on January 25. Informing about this, Yuvraj wrote: “All our fans, family and friends are happy to announce that today God has blessed us with a child. We thank God for this blessing. We want you to respect our privacy, because we welcome the little ones into the world. Love, Hazel and Yuvraj. ‘

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