The first Pan Indian movie to be released .. that too is a record created by our Tamils

The Hindi film market is currently booming with South Indian films. India was amazed to see Rajamouli’s Bhagwati in 2015, and after the release of its second part, it became the highest grossing film in India and is still number one. And then the recently released R.R.R. The film has grossed over Rs 1000 crore and has stunned the Hindi film industry.

It is said that the Telugu film industry gave the first pan Indian film as only Rajamouli did this. But Pan Indian films are Kannada film industry. Ravichandran, a legend in Kannada cinema, made this attempt in the 1990s. Apart from acting, he was also a director and in 1991 he wrote and directed a film in four languages ​​namely Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.

A good man for the country, Rajini in Tamil and Hindi as Shanti Kranti, Nagarjuna in Telugu as Shanti Kranti and Ravichandran in Kannada played the lead roles. Juki Chawla, Khushboo and Anantha Nag were cast in all four languages. The film was not a huge success.

Actor Ravichandran introduced many pioneering things after Rajkumar in the early days of Kannada cinema. He has acted in films like Poi Mukhangal and Paruva Raga in Tamil.

Veerasamy, who produced the film, is the father of actor Ravichandran. Veerasamy, a native of Tamil Nadu, is a close friend of the legendary Kannada legend Rajkumar. He has produced many films there and has produced only one film in Tamil. In 1985, Rajinikanth produced the film Padikathavan, starring Shivaji Ganesan.

The little-seen Kannada film industry is now surprising not only Bollywood but the whole of India. Following the immense success of KGF1, KGF2, the first Kannada film to be made on a budget of Rs 100 crore, has grossed over Rs 500 crore in just 4 days of its release and is making huge strides across India.

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