The Flash: David Ramsey Teases Diggle’s “Galactic Destiny”

The Flash: David Ramsey Teases Diggle’s “Galactic Destiny”

Arrow alum David Ramsey has been making his way across the Arrowverse this television season with a series of guest appearances as well as stints behind the camera. Recently, fans saw him take up the role of Bass Reeves in the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode “Stressed Western” which he also directed, and before that, he reprised his role as John Diggle to pay a brief visit to Gotham in Batwoman. Tonight, Ramsey will be bringing Diggle to Central City on The Flash and his timing is perfect. Team Flash is dealing with the Godspeed War after an army of Godspeeds attacked last week and another army of Godspeeds showed up soon after and attacked the first one. But while Diggle is there to help, he’s also got his own issue he’s dealing with, one that has to do with his reaction to a certain glowing green box and what Ramsey calls Diggle’s “galactic destiny”.

In a recent interview with, Ramsey explained that while each of his appearances as Diggle this season on the various Arrowverse shows have fit into those shows’ storyline, Diggle’s also keeping his own secrets. As fans will recall, during the Arrow series finale, Diggle was last seen with a mysterious, glowing green box that had fans thinking he would be going on to become a Green Lantern. However, Ramsey explains that Diggle refused whatever that box was inviting him to and it has consequences, consequences that they will get deeper into on The Flash.

“Obviously he has the deepest history with Flash because he knows all the characters on Flash. So, every time he appears on these shows, he fits within the storytelling of that specific episode,” Ramsey said. “But he’s kind of hiding something in his back pocket. And we started telling that on Batwoman. They kind of have these headaches that he’s kind of there to see a doctor. Ultimately, what he saw in the box, he declined the invitation to. That decision has consequences. And we start telling ultimately, his cosmic destiny if you will, his kind of galactic destiny if you will. We begin to tell the consequences of denying that through this kind of crossover that we’re doing.”

While his appearances thus far haven’t really gotten too deep into these consequences, Ramsey teased that changes with his appearance on The Flash.

“The deepest I would say would be Flash,” he said. “We really do visually and within the story, tell what Diggle’s going through on Flash.”

Of course, while The Flash will take the story the deepest, that doesn’t mean we’ll see Diggle suit up as Green Lantern. Ramsey still has appearances on both Superman & Lois and Supergirl coming up as well that will continue his character’s story. While Supergirl won’t return for its final batch of episodes until Tuesday, August 10, Ramsey’s Superman & Lois appearance is in next week’s episode “Through the Valley of Death” which will air on Tuesday, July 13.


The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. “P.O.W.” airs tonight, July 6.

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