The Flash is now the longest running Arrowverse show ?

The Flash is now the longest running Arrowverse show
The Flash is now the longest running Arrowverse show

With the release of its latest episode, The CW’s The Flash has actually formally gone beyond Arrow as the longest-running Arrowverse series.

The fastest spinoff to life has officially elude its mothership series.

With the launch of its Season 8 finale on June 29, The CW’s perdurable superhero series The Flash has struck 171 episodes. Simply put, it has surpassed Arrow as the longest-running show in the overall Arrowverse. Arrowhead itself ran for a total of 170 episodes throughout 8 periods from 2012 to 2020.

A years back, Arrow– starring Stephen Amell in the lead duty of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow– started The CW’s shared cosmos of television reveals based upon DC comic book characters. In 2013, throughout its second season, Arrow presented star Grant Gustin’s version of Barry Allen, much better called DC’s Silver-Age Flash. Gustin took place to star in his very own spinoff collection, The Flash, which premiered in 2014.

A number of other shows joined the Arrowverse over the years, such as Supergirl, which originally premiered on CBS in 2015 as a standalone collection. The program initially went across over with The Flash during the latter fifty percent of its very first season in 2016.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a spinoff series including characters from both Arrow and The Flash, premiered in 2016. The program likewise came to an end this year, having been terminated after broadcasting 51 episodes across three seasons.

There’s Black Lightning, a fellow DC series that premiered on The CW in 2018. Like Supergirl, Black Lightning was initially a standalone series set in its very own world. Nevertheless, it was ultimately folded up right into the Arrowverse in the middle of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover occasion. In overall, Black Lightning competed 58 episodes across 4 periods, ending in 2021.

Superman & Lois premiered on The CW in 2021. The show initially appeared to be a direct offshoot of Supergirl, hence making it part of the Arrowverse. However, Superman & Lois’ current Season 2 finale disclosed that the show is really Arrowverse-adjacent, carrying over particular elements yet existing in its own continuity. At any rate, the program currently has 30 episodes under its belt and also has actually been renewed for Season 3.

The program has actually been restored for Season 9, which is expected to premiere as component of The CW’s 2022-2023 reason, suggesting it will only expand its lead as the longest-running Arrowverse program. It remains to be seen whether or not The Flash Season 9 will certainly be the show’s last.

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