It’s finally here. The Season 7 finale of The Flash aired Tuesday night on The CW after what feels like a long journey due to Season 6 being cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic and then Season 7’s debut being later than usual once production finally began as the world slowly returned to normal. But while the journey has been long, things are moving very fast for Team Flash and the citizens of Central City. Godspeed is threatening not only Team Flash, but to tear apart the city itself, putting the present and the future at risk. As the Godspeed War continues to intensify, Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin) is joined by Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) as well as his speedster children from the future, Nora West-Allen/XS (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Bart Allen/Impulse (Jordan Fisher) to try to take down the evil speedster.

Last week, however, left Team Flash in a precarious position. Bart is in grave condition after being attacked by Godspeed clones and now Barry has gone into August’s mind trying to find a way to stop him from ever becoming Godspeed in the first place. The stakes have never been higher for Team Flash and time is running out. Need to get caught up on the major details and stories from “Heart of the Matter, Part 2”, the Season 7 finale of The Flash? We’re here to help. Here are the major plot points for “Heart of the Matter, Part 2”. Warning: Full spoilers for the episode beyond this point. Read on only if you want to know.

Picking up where things left off

The episode opens with Bart still in a coma and Nora worried and upset about not only her brother’s situation, but the entire set of circumstances they find themselves in. Caitlin tries to reassure her, but cannot. 

On the street into Central City, Joe and Kramer flee their car as the Godspeed clone fight escalates.

Inside August’s mind, Barry confronts him about what he wants, and after toying with Barry for a bit, August reveals that what he wants is organic speed. August sees himself as being the God of Speed and the only one worthy of it. If Barry doesn’t give him organic speed – as opposed to the artificial speed he has now – he will destroy Central City and the world. He also reveals that his current memory loss isn’t an act. Barry refuses.


A plan and a surprise

Barry explains to everyone what August wants. Nora insists that they have to give him speed, but Barry disagrees. Jay and Barry brainstorm on a plan. Elsewhere, Cecile speaks with August (who does not have his memory but is now aware he’s a monster) who is distraught. Cecile tells him that bad guys don’t feel this kind of remorse and maybe the future isn’t set in stone. Chester finds Allegra and gives her a much-needed pep talk.

Barry’s plan ends up being bringing in Speed Force Nora. She gives them all a boost – including Iris, as she has a spark of Speed Force. It brings Bart back as well. Bart has a touching moment with Jay, calling him Uncle Jay.

Back on the bridge, Joe and Kramer try to save people when a Godspeed clone attacks Joe. Suddenly, Kramer speeds him away, saving his life much to both of their surprise, though Kramer collapses once they’ve reached safety.


A need for speed

The assembled team of speedsters confront the Godspeed clones in an epic battle and at first, it goes very well, but then they suddenly start to recharge, draining Speed Force Nora and the others. She leaves, but Allegra shows up with the SEE, mega-charging it. The clones are down, but the machine is fried and more clones are coming. Running out of options, Nora makes another plea to just give August organic speed.


Godspeed reigns

Barry and Iris decide to do it. They set the experiment up. August says he will try to come back not a bad guy. The transfer is successful, but August comes back the villain. Barry tells everyone to stay at STAR no matter what happens as he and Iris have a plan and then speeds off after Godspeed. Godspeed calls his clones back to him and prepares to kill The Flash.


Welcome back, Thawne

In the Forces HQ, Iris serves as an anchor for Speed Force Nora while outside in the real world, The Flash and Godspeed battle. Things look bleak and Bart tries to go help, but Jay stops him and gives him some wisdom, keeping him there. Just as Godspeed goes to kill The Flash, another speedster shows up – Thawne. The two enemies are teaming up to take down Godspeed. After a tense battle, Reverse-Flash stabs Godspeed, ending things (Godspeed does not die.) With Godspeed out of the way, Thawne turns on Barry and tries to kill him, but is stunned to discover that Barry is now faster than he is. A frustrated Thawne races off to get faster so he can defeat him.


Happily ever after

With everything done, Iris explains that Speed Force Nora tapped into the Negative Speed Force to get Thawne because they knew that Thawne couldn’t let anyone else kill Barry. Godspeed is now in Iron Heights, his memory of who Barry is removed. Barry asks Iris to renew their vows, as they never really got a real wedding. A few days later, Team Flash – including Bart, Nora, Jay, and Joan – gather at the West house for Barry and Iris’ renewal. Cisco officiates and Bart sings a song for his parents.



About Kramer

The episode also explains what Kramer’s deal is. It turns out that she is a meta and didn’t know it. She has mimic powers, that come out in times of extreme duress. Adam was correct, she should have died in the Army attack, but she was close to his immortal healing powers, which saved her. Because she was near speedsters, she became one to save Joe. Realizing what her actions have caused, she decides to take a leave of absence and sort of get her head straight.