The Flash Season 7 Episode 14: What’s in Store?


In ‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 13, Barry gets trapped inside a mind prison with Cecile while a nefarious villain masquerades as her in the real world. Stuck without their powers, Barry and Cecile must depend upon Iris and Chester to rescue them. If you are looking for a refresher or wish to catch up on the episode’s events, you can head to the recap section. In case you’re updated, let’s take a look at what challenges lie ahead for Barry and Team Flash in ‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 14.

The Flash Season 7 Episode 14 Release Date

‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 14 premieres on June 22, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. New episodes of the show, with a runtime of 41-45 minutes, are released weekly, every Tuesday.

Where To Watch The Flash Season 7 Episode 14 Online?

‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 14 can be watched on your TV screens by tuning in to The CW at the date and time stated above. You can also stream the new episode on The CW’s official website or mobile app a day after the TV premiere by logging in with your cable subscription details.

In case you are a cord-cutter, you can opt for live TV services such as XfinityDirecTV (seasons 1-5 and 7), Fubo TV (season 7), Youtube TV, and Apple TV to watch the upcoming episode. New episodes of ‘The Flash’ can also be purchased on VOD platforms such as Amazon PrimeGoogle PlayiTunesMicrosoft Store, and Vudu. Additionally, the previous six seasons of ‘The Flash’ are available to stream on Netflix.

The Flash Season 7 Episode 14 Spoilers

‘The Flash’ season 7 episode 14 is titled ‘Rayo de Luz’ and will mark the return of Esperanza Garcia/ Ultraviolet to Central City. Allegra will be determined to stop her estranged cousin in a bid to reform Ultraviolet, but things might not go as planned. This could put the lives of other members of Team Flash in danger, and Barry will likely have to step in. Joe’s investigation into Kramer’s past could also reach a turning point. Here’s a promo for the upcoming episode!

The Flash Season 7 Episode 13 Recap

The thirteenth episode of ‘The Flash’ season 7 is titled ‘Masquerade.’ It opens with Cecile providing Joe a clue to help him in his investigation of Kramer. The scene quickly shifts to the real Cecile, who is trapped inside a mind prison designed like a mental institution cell. When Barry comes to see the person masquerading as Cecile in the outside world, he too is sent to the mind prison.

The evil Cecile tricks Iris, Chester, and Sue Dearborn into helping her steal the Psycho Pirate’s mask. It is revealed that Cecile’s real consciousness has been trapped inside the mind prison ever since she was struck by lightning with the mask which contains Psycho Pirate’s spirit now controlling her body. The evil Cecile uses DeVoe’s chairs to amplify her mind control powers. After a pep talk from Iris, Chester figures out the evil Cecile’s plan.

Meanwhile, in the mind prison, the real Cecile and Barry try to escape but fail. Cecile reveals to Barry about her mother’s death and how the grief put her in a mental institution. Just as Cecile overcomes her grief, Chester and Iris destroy DeVoe’s chair. Barry and Cecile then escape through a portal. The episode ends with Joe revealing that Kramer is hiding something about her past.

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