The full story of the released Vikram movie .. Lokesh Kanagaraj doing an incident to shed blood in jail

The shooting of Vikram movie directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj starring Kamal is over now. The director is busy doing some important editing work on the film. The much-anticipated film by Kamal’s fans is all set to release in June.

Kamal left for the United States with his hand after completing the shooting. There he is undergoing treatment to cover up the wrinkles on his face. After finishing it, Kamal will soon return to India with a new look.

The first look poster of the film starring Kamal, Vijay Sethupathi, Bhagat Bachil and many more stars was released recently and the fans were in a state of anticipation. In this case, a report has been leaked that this is the story of the Vikram film.

According to the story, Vijay Sethupathi is in jail in this film. The assignment that brings him out is given to Bhagat Basil. So he also commits some crime and goes to jail.

Knowing their nefarious activities, Kamal goes to the same jail to thwart their attempt. The three-quarter story is set in prison.

And the director has taken every scene, including the action scenes featured in the film, to the liking of a very meticulous fan. Because Viswaroopam 2 movie starring Kamal was released a few years back.

After that he was terribly busy with politics, the Big Boss. His film is currently set to release after a long hiatus. Thus his fans are eagerly waiting to see Kamal’s performance in the film.

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