The god commander who makes cinema live .. How can he buy 120 crore and do this too Sami

The recently released Beast film starring Commander Vijay has received mixed reviews. Yet the collection is said to have seen good profits. In this situation Vijay is focusing on his next films. Filming for Commander 66 is currently underway. According to Kollywood sources, the commander has been paid around Rs 120 crore for the film.

The film stars Rashmika Mandana opposite Vijay. The film is also being produced by Vamsi director Dil Raju. Sarathkumar plays the lead role in the film. In this case, a lot of interesting information about the film is coming very soon.

The first shooting for the film took place in Hyderabad. And the crew planned to take many more shots there. Thus there will be 20 days of shooting from May 5th to 25th. They had also decided to shoot the next phase in Hyderabad.

But Vijay has said that he wants to take the next stage of shooting in Chennai. Because it was the cinema industry that suffered the most during the Corona period. Beyond the actor and actress, many of the weaker workers were affected.

In order to rehabilitate them, Vijay has asked the film crew to hold his shooting in Chennai. This will benefit more than a hundred workers. This will give them a break.

Also, Vijay has asked that the shooting of the master film should be done in Chennai. But according to the story of the film, Chennai has been shifted to another place as it will not collapse. But in Commander 66 film Vijay has made it compulsory. Thus, Vijay has become a god to many families who depend on cinema for their livelihood.

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