The Great leaves the screen only for the third season.

While it’s heartbreaking, it’s no surprise that “The Great” has only been canceled for a couple of seasons, meaning fans won’t have a chance to continue the series, as season 3, which became the show’s finale, aired back last summer.

Deadline reports that The Great, a snobbish comedy-drama series, has been ordered to cut to season 3 only. After season 3 of The Great hit theaters at the end of May, it was very effective in terms of both response and shine on the awards stage, with a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Great is considered a standout program by the famous American streaming Hulu, and the series is also popular all over the world as it has expanded to other platforms in many regions of the world. This is a series set against the backdrop of events that take place in the 18th century about the relationship of the Empress of Russia. Full of color and ridiculous sarcasm.

The series with the two superstar actors “L Fanning” and “Nicholas Houalt” as well as the nomination for 7 Emmy Awards, especially in the acting category, is one of the most successful series of modern times, but it could be a bit short-lived.

Although the creators have not given a reason for canceling the series, they believe that there could be a variety of factors that prevent the continuation of The Great. Part of this is probably due to the main actor’s schedule, which isn’t tight enough to dedicate time to the series in the long run.

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