The groom starts crying after seeing the bride on the wedding day, know why

The groom starts crying after seeing the bride on the wedding day, know why

In a video going viral on social media these days, a groom got emotional when he saw his girlfriend as a bride on his wedding day. People have become very emotional after watching this video. Same if wedding videos make you emotional then you should not watch it at all as it can bring tears to your eyes.

The same groom has been identified as Demetrius Cacharis and the bride’s name in the wedding dress is Alexandria. The video was shared by their wedding videographer Magnolia Road Film Company on Instagram. The viral video has been viewed more than 36 thousand times. In the video going viral, the groom can be seen getting ready to complete the wedding ceremony with his friends. Then in the mandap comes the bride with her father in a beautiful white wedding gown. The groom was so impressed to see his bride in a white gown that he could not hold back his tears.

Same Video Sharing Caption Edited – You can feel the love in the air. The video of the bride and groom’s wedding has created panic on the internet. One user wrote, ‘Omg this video is really making me cry too, accept the love and best wishes of a stranger. Another user wrote, ‘This video is an expression of true love, you both look really beautiful and it shows that you love each other very much even though I don’t know you and I come from Italy Yes, I wish you the best.


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