The iconic celebrity who sings with Vijay in the song Jalio Gymkhana! Chem Surprise

Three songs from the Beast movie have been released so far. The second single, Jalio Gymkhana, was released after the first Arabic boxing song became a big hit. It is noteworthy that it was sung by Vijay.

Fun song

Director Nelson will keep the other comedians entertained during the song promotion. Also Vijay – Pooja Hegde will be both Cool Dance Audi.

It has been reported that one of the iconic celebrities in this song is Dance Audi.

Big Boss Raju

Raju, a Vijay TV serial actor and Bigg Boss celebrity, is the Audi in this song. It is noteworthy that Raju had already said in an interview that he had met Vijay in person and that the commander had spoken about his eyes.

It is noteworthy that after winning the Bigg Boss title, Raju said that he will no longer focus only on cinema.

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