Scary fans have actually been consuming well recently as a lots of our preferred 80s movies have actually been commemorating significant anniversaries. Among those timeless movies commemorating its 40th anniversary this year is John Carpenters The Important Things. The body scary thriller simply launched on 4K Blu-ray in 2015 and is returning to theaters next month to mark the event. Now NECA is signing up with the celebration with a gorgeous brand-new seven-inch action figure.

The “40th Anniversary Poster Figure” recreates the iconic haunting poster for the movie. The image of an unidentified individual lost in a blizzard with their face being blinded by pure light is etched in every category fans worst headaches. It is among the posters from this blood-soaked age that is merely an artwork.


The description of the figure checks out as follows:

“From The Thing, John Carpenter’s acclaimed slow-build horror film classic! It follows a 12-man research team that finds something in the Antarctic Circle that’s been waiting for over 100,000 years. Recreating the original and iconic poster art for the theatrical run, this special deco figure stands approximately 7 inches tall and features an LED light in the head and interchangeable and removable faceplates to create the poster’s signature burst of light. In display friendly 5th panel window box packaging styled after the poster.”

From the photos NECA offered, this appears like such a spectacular piece and an incredible method to commemorate the movie. The well-known toy business launched MacReady in 2015, weapon and all, who was played so memorably by Kurt Russell in the movie. This brand-new addition to their growing Thing collection is going to look great on a rack. Particularly, when you attempt to shut off the lights. The radiant head and interchangeable faceplates are an extremely cool addition. The only drawback to this figure is that it’s a 2022 convention special. Nevertheless, if you’re a wild scary fan and enthusiast of this movie, you are most likely currently going to more than a couple of category conventions this year.

When The Important Things was launched in 1982, it was hailed in the scary neighborhood for its dazzling unique impacts, dreadful body scary, and pitch-perfect thriller. It was so excellent that lots of people forget that it’s a remake of the 1951 sci-fi timeless The Important Things From Another World directed by Christian Nyby. That specific movie was among Carpenter’s favorites. It was likewise the movie that Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace can be seen viewing in the director’s other scary classic Halloween.

To this day, The Important Things is still thought about a work of art and Carpenter’s best movie. That is stating something considered that his resume consists of other incredible category classics like The Fog, Christine, Escape From New York City, They Live, and the formerly pointed out Halloween. The jaw-dropping useful impacts work by artist Rob Bottin is still amazing and haunts the souls of scary fans whenever they fearlessly watch the movie. Like An American Monster in London, it’s simply among those movies that advise us that CGI can never ever top the marvel of terrific useful impacts.

The Important Things is among those unique scary movies that’s cooling attraction is completely recorded in this brand-new NECA figure. With MacReady showing up in 2015 and this brand-new special, ideally this suggests we will get more Thing’s characters in the future like Keith David’s Childs or Wilford Brimley’s Dr. Blair. Prices details for the poster figure is coming quickly, however while we wait, you can see the sneak peek images for the figure down below. You can likewise lease The Important Things on most significant streaming platforms for one suspenseful movie night.