The Islamists celebrating the overthrow of Rajini .. The real background that came out

Rajinikanth is a rising star in Tamil cinema. People are celebrating him as a superstar who has a lot of fans. He has done a lot of good things for the people without even knowing it on the outside.

He also donates his property to charity. In particular, he has helped by giving his own wedding hall to the fans. Yet he is still doing so many good things like this.

His billionaire fans longed for such a man to come into politics. But Rajini, who is spiritually inclined, was thinking about coming to politics. However he said he would come to politics for his fans.

At the time, there were many criticisms that he was a supporter of the BJP and that if he came to politics he would definitely be pro-BJP. Thus Rajini made it clear to me that I do not want politics and will not come to politics anymore.

It saddened his fans but they accepted Rajinikanth’s decision. Such Rajini is still celebrated by the Islamic community today. There is a strong reason for that.

Usually when a film about extremism is shot in Tamil cinema, the extremists are mostly Muslims. People like Vijaykanth and Arjun in particular have portrayed Islamists as extremists in their films.

But Rajinikanth has never acted in such films against Islamists. He would not even choose the story against them. This is why the Islamists celebrate him by throwing him on the head.

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