The Last of Us: Season 1, Episode 3 The Parallel World of Bill and Frank

The Last of Us: Season 1, Episode 3 The Parallel World of Bill and Frank

The third episode of The Last of Us is now available on the HBO Max service , and although it is different from the previous episodes, it managed to stand out both for its outstanding performances and for establishing greater depth to a relationship that was little explored in the original game.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the details.

From this point on, the text brings SPOILERS for the third episode of The Last of Us

Due to context, the episode does not focus on Ellie and Joel’s journey.

For a brief moment, we can see Ellie interacting with a Cordyceps infected , and she demonstrates a certain macabre curiosity about the creature – just before eliminating it.

However, Joel brings up an interesting theory for the infection that raged in The Last of Us. Unlike games, each episode thus far has brought scattered information that shapes the picture leading up to the global outbreak. This time, Joel told Ellie the most common theory about why it all started.

According to Joel, people believe that Cordyceps evolved through a mutation. Present in a certain variety of staple food components – such as cereals and pasta – a food shipment contaminated with the evolved fungus gradually spread to those who consumed the food. In this way, in less than a day, multiple people freaked out with the biting frenzy.

This is an interesting theory so far, but it is worth remembering that there is no official consensus or justification for the fungus mutation. Even The Last of Us Part. 1 or Part 2 provided concrete answers about how the outbreak spread.

The Bill and Frank Universe

After a short moment following Ellie and Joel, we are introduced to the first half of an unlikely couple.

Bill (played by the illustrious Nick Offerman ) has lived life under the concept of a Survivalist. His mentality is based on survival under various circumstances and especially preparatory practices for a possible rupture in the civil, political or even global order. Bill is portrayed as a recluse for a few minutes, and after FEDRA evacuates the region where he lives, he finally gets rid of a supposed ” New World Order “.

Bill demonstrates his skills by staking out perimeters, tracing routes for resource gathering, and creating deadly traps. After a long period alone, Bill finds a survivor in one of the traps. This, in turn, is Frank.

Frank ( Murray Bartlett ) is the second half of this relationship that gradually captivates the audience throughout the episode. Where it all started with just one night’s rest, it ended up blossoming into a love and a little hate relationship at times. Despite some standout arguments, Frank and Bill learned to care, care and love each other.

Being the only moment of greatest tension in the episode, there is a conflict in which Bill faces a group of marauders. Earlier, Joel had warned Bill about what would eventually happen, and unfortunately the warning came true.

On a stormy night, Frank had to help Bill, who was wounded by a bullet in the middle of the confrontation. Bill desperately asked Frank to call Joel, but he continued to take care of the beloved.

Different, tragic, but worthy

Despite the bad times, Frank and Bill fulfilled their desire to live together, side by side. Unlike the game, the third episode of The Last of Us managed to transform the characters’ relationship into a parallel world. Nick and Murray brought a performance that would easily be considered a masterpiece.

Unfortunately, as well executed as the episode was, the whole context until the death of Bill and Frank are completely different from what we see in the original game. Those who would like to see how Bill and Joel would meet at another time – after the events of the first game – will have to settle for the “ poetic ” end attributed to the couple.

And from now on, we have the infamous road trip, which will put Joel and Ellie on dangerous paths. In fact, Joel mentions that he’s on his way to where Tommy is. Certainly in the next episodes we will see Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna (Tommy’s interpreter) with more prominence.


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