The Last of Us Season 2: Release date, cast, story, and more

The Last of Us Season 2: Release date, cast, story, and more

It only took two episodes for HBO to make the second season of The Last of Us official , a series that adapts the popular and beloved Naughty Dog game initially released for PlayStation 3 in 2013.

The existence of a second season of The Last of Us isn’t exactly a surprise. The series broke records at HBO and HBO Max, where it became the brand’s second-biggest debut in 10 years – surpassing even House of the Dragon.

In this article, we’ve gathered absolutely everything we already know about The Last of Us Season 2, as well as its premiere date, promotional materials once they’re out (like trailers and posters), cast, story, what to expect, and more!

When does The Last of Us Season 2 premiere?

So far, the second season of The Last of Us does not have a set premiere date, as HBO has only announced the existence of new episodes. However, we can speculate how long we’ll have to wait according to the filming time of the first season.

If production is similar to the first year, shooting time plus post-production should be around 18 months. Therefore, the premiere would take place at the end of 2024, or, if you want to follow the pattern, January 2025.

What to expect from The Last of Us season 2?

We all know that The Last of Us season 1 covered the entirety of Naughty Dog’s first game. In the trailers, we see scenes in the snow, which is indicative of the final moments of the game. We also saw, in the promotional materials, the presence of Riley, Ellie’s friend who appears only in the Left Behind DLC – that is, what remains for the second season?

The answer is quite simple: a lot of stuff from The Last of Us: Part 2, of course! The game, released in 2020, takes place five years after the events of the previous game. Ellie and Joel are based in Wyoming and live with a group of survivors – but the peace soon ends, and with much violence.

Without giving away too many spoilers (those who played it know what we’re talking about), but something very big happens at the very beginning of the game – would HBO have the courage to replicate the event on TV? It would be daring, in the same way that the game has dared before.

As the second game is divided into two parts, it remains to be seen whether HBO will choose to tell both stories simultaneously or if it will first want to report on one of the sides to, only in a possible third season, complete the arc and show the other side. Anyway, we can expect new characters, a much more mature and violent story, romances and… losses.

The Last of Us season 2 cast

Although between the first and second game of The Last of Us there is a time jump of five years, it is quite likely that HBO will move on to new chapters with the same actors. As we have already seen exemplified in the first episodes, it is quite simple to age the adult cast with makeup, such as Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna, the brothers Joel and Tommy, respectively. The same should apply to Bella Ramsey, Ellie, who, by the way, is currently the same age as the character in The Last of Us Part II, 19 years old.

For a 2nd season, the main vacant role will be Abby Anderson, one of the protagonists of Part 2, played by the American Laura Bailey. Is there a chance the actress will reprise her role?

While there’s no casting confirmation as of yet, other standout characters from the second game include Dina, Jesse, and Lev, roles that are sure to have plenty of competition in Hollywood.

Teasers e trailers da 2ª temporada de The Last of Us

So far, the only teaser available for season 2 of The Last of Us is the short video published by HBO to announce the renewal of the series. We will update this article whenever news is announced.

The Last of Us season 2 posters and images

So far, no The Last of Us season 2 poster has been revealed. We will update this article whenever news is announced.

Will The Last of Us season 2 be the last?

According to creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin, the goal of The Last of Us series is to adapt the two existing games in the franchise to date and the DLC, Left Behind. The first season will completely adapt the first game and the extra material, however, there is still no confirmation if the second will follow the same 1:1 pattern. What we do know is that, according to Mazin, “the production won’t be one of those works with seven seasons”.

In the words of the producer, “unless something miraculous happens and video game production is sped up by 1000% and the third game magically comes out,” Mazin said amid a hearty laugh, “I’m not interested in going beyond the source material. already existing. As a viewer, I have no problem watching shows that just keep going and going and going. No problems. But as a writer, I don’t want to be in a position to unravel season after season. For me, it’s important that things have a purpose, and if they do, that means they have endings. It means everything you do is carefully selected and chosen, not just to keep going.”

Do que se trata The Last of Us?

“The Last of Us is a dystopian HBO series based on the video game franchise of the same name created by Neil Druckmann. The drama chronicles a pandemic future that has been devastating for humanity, leaving humans on the brink of extinction. The virus turns people into cannibals and spreads quickly with a single bite. A few decades later, the few survivors that remain live traveling or in quarantines protected by government officials.

This is the scenario in which we follow Joel (Pedro Pascal), a tough survivor who is hired to take young Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of the oppressive quarantine zone where she lives. The two must find a group of paramilitary rebels who have rebelled against the authorities. However, they discover on the way that Ellie is possibly infected with the virus, although the young woman does not present the recurrent symptoms of the disease. Because of this, they believe that Ellie’s immunity could be the key to finding a cure for the virus and potentially saving humanity.”


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