The lord who made Bollywood rock .. A record that has not been broken for 9 years

Kamal Haasan is hailed as the next acting demon in Tamil cinema after Shivaji. He is a pillar of Tamil cinema and has introduced us to many new technologies. No one can love cinema as much as he does.

He has proved many times that cinema is my breath to that extent. And every movie he has acted in will continue to amaze us. In that sense, his performance in the Telugu film Maro Charitra, directed by K. Balachander, was a huge success.

Later, Balachander remade the film in Hindi with Kamala. The second Hindi film starring Kamal, the film grossed nearly Rs 5 crore. The film grossed over Rs 10 crore worldwide. No other South Indian actor has achieved such a feat during that period.

Apart from that, the Indian film directed by Shankar and starring Kamal was a huge hit in Tamil. Following that, the film was released in Hindi in 1996 dubbed as Hindustani. Similarly, the film was dubbed and released in Telugu.

Like Tamil, the film grossed over 65 crores in Hindi and Telugu. It was seen as a record in the cinema of the time. And for almost nine years after that, no actor was able to break Kamal’s record.

Thus, the Bollywood film world looked at him in astonishment. There is a report that the Bollywood film industry, which has seen Kamal’s acting talent and the fans he has, has done several conspiracy works to keep Kamal from growing up there. Despite all these obstacles, today he is shining as a world hero who is admired by the fans.

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