The loss to the Pandian Stores family .. It’s like buying a thousand more episodes

The Pandian Stores family is undergoing artificial insemination treatment for Vijay as Vijay is not likely to conceive naturally in Vijay TV’s Pandian Stores serial. For this they bought the remaining 5 lakh rupees of their power at interest and did the treatment for Mulla

After the first phase of this treatment was successful, they went to the hospital with a sudden abdominal pain in the groin. The doctor who examined the umbilical cord there, the treatment carried out this time was not effective. A few days later, he was told that he would have to pay Rs 5 lakh again for this treatment.

Having thought that the umbilical cord would somehow conceive after this treatment, they are now left with nothing but disappointment. And she keeps crying with anguish for Mulla, who had high expectations.

However, Pandian Stores planned to repeat the treatment on the umbilical cord again a few days later as the doctor said that it could only be successful if it was continued without giving up.

But for those who are still unable to pay the Rs 5 lakh they have bought, it is a bit difficult to repay the Rs 5 lakh. However the Pandian Stores family is ready to do whatever it takes to see that there is a child in the umbilical cord somehow without looking for money for the umbilical cord.

And logo screen fans are tired of not being able to see Kadir-Mulla, the romantic couple in the Pandian Stores series, sadly for the past few weeks.

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