The Lost Daughter ending explained: What happens to Leda? 


Effectively, right here’s absolutely a movie to compose some dialogue.

Netflix launched Maggie Gyllenhaal’s directorial debut The Lost Daughter on Unique 300 and sixty five days’s Eve on its streaming platform.

Adapting the unconventional of the identical name by Italian novelist Elena Ferrante, the assign apart of the movie follows center-frail professor Leda Caruso (Olivia Colman) as she heads on holiday on my own to Greece.

Her quiet commute is interrupted when her seashore seek the advice of with is worried by a rowdy Italian-American family, among whom is an very finest but enigmatic young lady named Nina (Dakota Johnson).

A subsequent traumatic incident sees Leda act out in an unpredictable fashion and we quickly stumble on her maintain personal historical past as a young lady, performed by Jessie Buckley.

The psychological drama builds to a really finest conclusion that leaves viewers with a few inquiries to ponder.

So, naturally, has deciphered the pause of The Lost Daughter to scurry attempting these quandaries with you.

**Spoiler warning for The Lost Daughter**

The Lost Daughter ending explained

Olivia Colman as Leda Caruso in The Lost Daughter


In the midst of the assign apart of The Lost Daughter, Leda is drawn to and takes an hobby in Nina as a young mom who’s battling her daughter, Elena.

When Elena briefly went lacking on the seashore, Leda stole the young lady’s loved doll, inflicting the runt one to be distraught for the total day out in Greece and for Nina’s family to furiously look the doll and even put up “lacking” posters for it.

In the midst of her time with the doll hidden in her residence, Leda reminisces about her struggling no longer to be frustrated with her maintain young daughters Bianca and Martha.

Leda also discovers that Nina is having an affair with the resort assistant Will (Paul Mescal) but keeps this a secret and even concurs to let the pair allege her residence.

It is miles obvious that Nina’s husband Toni (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) is connected to prison allege and so Nina fears he would waste her if he chanced on her affair.

In a battle of phrases in Leda’s flat, Leda describes herself as an “unnatural mom”, admitting that the emotional battle with being a mom that Nina requested about never goes away.

Leda then confesses to stealing the doll and explains it away as her “taking half in”, prompting Nina to react furiously and stab Leda in her abdomen with the hatpin that Leda supplied her earlier.

Olivia Colman’s Leda conserving Elena’s doll in The Lost Daughter

Courtesy of Netflix

Nina flees the residence while Leda notices the blood coming from the wound.

That evening, Leda gathers her issues and flees the resort with property.

On the different hand, she stops her automobile and wanders onto the seashore sooner than collapsing.

She awakens the next morning to the crashing waves and will get a mobile phone name from her two daughters who’re relieved she is alive and how they feared she develop into as soon as ineffective.

The name is intercut with pictures of Leda touching her wound sooner than she goes on to explain: “No, I’m alive in spite of everything.”

She is then shown to procure an orange with her which she peels within the identical snake-like motions he at risk of attain when Bianca and Martha were runt.

“Scurry on,” she replies to them as they begin to insist down the mobile phone to her, “reveal me all about it”

We then flashback a remaining time to Leda peeling the orange with her daughters as they pronounce: “Peel it like a snake, don’t let it ruin.”

Over the credits, we query pictures of Leda sitting on the seashore peeling the orange while on the mobile phone.

Does Leda die within the relaxation scene of The Lost Daughter?

No topic the ambiguous and dreamlike nature of the relaxation scene, we attain no longer procure it confirmed that Leda Caruso dies on the pause of The Lost Daughter.

The relaxation scene is portrayed in a rather dreamlike blueprint, intercut with pictures from the past, Leda’s bleeding wound, the extraordinary look of the orange for her to peel.

One will be forgiven for questioning if Leda develop into as soon as already ineffective or loss of life by the trend the scene is portrayed and Colman’s bemused efficiency of her dialogue about being “alive”.

On the different hand, Leda is seen visibly to be alive on the conclusion of the movie, having her bittersweet dialogue with her daughters who she so struggled to be maternal in direction of.

The script (via Closing date) provides runt clue to the relaxation that approach, pointing out: “As she listens, Leda puts her fingers to her wound. She appears to be like on the blood it leaves on her fingers.

“She opens her hand and AN ORANGE magically looks in her palm.

“With bloody fingers, listening to her daughters talk, she sits within the sand and peels the orange. In a single long share, like a snake.”

It undoubtedly looks up to viewers interpretation but we attain no longer procure it confirmed that Leda dies.

What came about on the pause of the unconventional The Lost Daughter?

Dakota Johnson as Nina and Olivia Colman as Leda in The Lost Daughter


The assign apart of the unconventional by Elena Ferrante ends in a a similar fashion to the movie with the battle of phrases between Leda and Nina, the confession and Nina reacting furiously by stabbing Leda with the hatpin.

The e-book, which is written within the principle person from Leda’s level of query, sees Leda realise what Nina had completed and secret agent the assign apart of blood on her facet.

Leda waits for one thing to happen but she notes that the wound darkened and clotted and the anxiety faded.

She then begins packing her issues and readied herself to scurry away the residence when she will be able to get a name from her daughter Marta who speaks to her in unison with her sister Bianca.

The daughters pronounce: “Mama, what are you doing, why haven’t you known as? Won’t you on the least bid us while you’re alive or ineffective?”

Leda is moved and responds: “I’m ineffective, but I’m very finest.”

Here is a spirited adaptational selection from Maggie Gyllenhaal who penned the screenplay for the movie – as Leda states she is “ineffective” within the unconventional but “alive” within the movie.

It looks Leda is more remark material with her relationship with her daughters but the relaxation sentence of the unconventional as soon as any other time provides an air of ambiguity – or on the least sorrowful –  to Leda’s survival.

Why did Leda capture the doll? 

Olivia Colman as Leda conserving the doll in The Lost Daughter

Courtesy of Netflix

We don’t procure a definitive reply as to why Leda stole the doll belonging to Nina’s young daughter, Elena.

On the different hand, there are a few causes that appear to procure contributed to her impulsive transgression.

Seeing Nina with Elena stirred recollections of Leda’s maintain experiences as a mom, her struggling marriage to her daughters’ father Joe (Jack Farthing, her maintain adulterous affair with a professor (Peter Sarsgaard), and her subsequent abandonment of her young other americans.

As successfully as to this, Leda recollects a time when wilful daughter Bianca briefly went lacking as a runt bit one and likewise defend her maintain doll a akin to Elena’s.

Leda looks desperate to reconnect with her maintain past, including her spicy relationship with motherhood thru the doll.

Does Nina’s affair with Will procure uncovered?

Dakota Johnson as Nina within the relaxation scenes of The Lost Daughter

Courtesy of Netflix

We never procure any decision to Nina’s affair with resort assistant Will and we never know if her husband Toni finds out.

It is miles obvious that Will is a distraction from her struggles with motherhood but also from her strained family with her husband and his prison family.

The closing we query of Nina is when she furiously departs after stabbing Leda.

What does the orange peel symbolise? 

Leda peels an orange in The Lost Daughter

Courtesy of Netflix

The peeling of the orange in a snake-like fashion develop into as soon as a take care of that Leda did for her two daughters.

It is miles an instance of a heat memory of motherhood for Leda who always struggled with the faded thought of what it blueprint to be maternal.

We pause with the imagery of a younger Leda peeling an orange with her young daughters, a hopeful and jubilant characterize of her time as a mom.

The Lost Daughter is readily available now on Netflix.

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