At Star Wars Event today, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni shared a preview at Season 3 of The Mandalorian, which will premiere on Disney+ in February 2023. Throughout The Book of Boba Fett we saw Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) looking for where he suits the Mandalorian creed following the elimination of his helmet and the teaser made it clear that the next chapter of Dins story will continue with his journey to Mandalore to be “forgiven for his transgressions.” The teaser revealed that he will be reuniting with the Armorer (Emily Swallow) together with the Kid, as he continues to look for a method to apologize for eliminating his helmet.

Another popular element of the trailer was Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff), who appears to be still be bring an animosity due to Din winning the Darksaber. A couple of scenes showcased her resting on a throne, talking with Din and the Kid, and possibly venturing with them to Mandalore. The preview likewise exposed that Carl Weathers, Paul Sun-Huyng Lee, Amy Sedaris, and Omid Abtahi will be back for the 3rd installation of the series.


The last we saw of Din Djarin in The Book of Boba Fett, he has actually been erupted by the Armorer after attempting to deal with his belongings of the Darksaber, an ancient and effective lightsaber that technically makes him the ruler of Mandalore, the house world of all Mandalorians that included greatly in The Clone Wars, consisting of plots connected to Bo-Katan, whoe desire to rule Mandalore result in serious repercussions. Will she get what she desires? Just time will inform.

Regrettably, the video footage evaluated at Star Wars Event will not be provided online, so passionate Star Wars fans will simply need to wait up until the series premieres in February 2023 to get another look at the galaxys preferred green baby and his greatly armored daddy figure. In the meantime, however, fans will have a lot of Star Wars material to tide them over, with Lucasfilm likewise revealing that Andor, the series following Diego Lunas Cassian Andor prior to the occasions of Rogue One, will premiere this August, with a 2nd season likewise set to premiere in 2023.

Season 3 of The Mandalorian will premiere at some point in February 2023. In the meantime, the very first 2 seasons are readily available to stream on Disney+. Stay tuned to Collider for more updates from Star Wars Event.