The monster of the game of football Cristiano Ronaldo .. The story that reached the peak of fame

Hello cinema hood readers. In this article we will look at Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the pinnacles of the world of football. Victory is a sign of heroism. The end of aggression, the change of destiny of failures. Cristiano Ronaldo is a player who is always fighting for victory on the field. He plays for the Portuguese national team and for Manchester United and Real Madrid clubs. Along with Messi, he is considered a two-pointer in the world of football.

Ronaldo’s father is an American actor and a fan of President Ronald Reagan. He was nicknamed Ronaldo for that reason. Ronaldo’s passion was on football. At the age of 10 he began to play football with uniqueness. Ronaldo’s life is not comfortable. He himself has said that he came from a state of poverty. At the age of 14, he realized that football would definitely elevate him and focused exclusively on the sport. He started playing for the Lisbon team at a very young age.

He then played for the Under-17s in a friendly against Manchester United. Received more attention for the reason that it performed better. A 3-1 victory that day took him to multiple heights. He was featured throughout the Portuguese press of the day.

Football is no ordinary thing. Physical fitness should always be maintained. In that sense, Cristiano Ronaldo will always strive to be number one. Actor, bodybuilder Arnold says that when they talk about Ronaldo I have never seen a fit athlete like him. He is said to have only 10% fat in his body.

After the departure of football legend David Beckham, Sir Ferguson signed Cristiano Ronaldo for .2 12.2 million. Through which he played for Manchester United. For the reason that Ferguson said he wore the No. 7 jersey. Today CR7 is his identity.

Everything that happened in his life after this was magic. He showed his footballing prowess in every match he played. Through that he became the highest earning footballer. He was once the highest paid person in the world (94 94 million). Ronaldo, who has won many prestigious awards, has won the prestigious Migu Ballon d’Or three times. Why so much? Shares of Coca-Cola plummeted during an interview when he set aside two bottles of Coca-Cola and gestured to drink water. That much man has a legion of fans.

Ronaldo is the best man in his personal life. Because of this he has the reputation of many. The one who has the most affection for the mother, still cares for the mother. From time to time he would recall all the sufferings he had endured for himself. That’s why he broke up with Russian model Irina Sheikh, whom he fell in love with, for not attending his mother’s birthday party.

Cristiano Ronaldo does not drink alcohol. Beating says that avoiding alcohol is the main reason for his fitness. Young people can take him as an example for this reason. Similarly Ronaldo does not like tattooing. He also avoids tattooing because it is not possible to donate blood.

Ronaldo, who was on the verge of poverty, was helped by his mother’s dedication and passion for football. There are those who play the game for fun, and there are those who play the same game aggressively. The second is those who fight to the end for victory. Cristiano Ronaldo, second type!

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