After what seems like 56 years (due to the fact that it has actually been), precious The Munsters character Zombo will be making his go back to screens all over. Rob Zombie revealed by means of Instagram that the character who appeared in the initial series will increase as soon as again in the filmmaker’s upcoming retelling. Sharing an image of the famous one-episode character, Zombie composed, “After 56 years! The man… the myth… the legend returns! The one and only ZOMBO!” As creepy as ever, the picture shows the television character dressed up in his black bathrobes. His stringy, white hair stands apart versus his pale confront with pitch black circle his eyes and long fingers with black nails that need a severe manicure. He’s keeping a box of Crumble Animal Crackers, an item that sponsored Zombo’s television scary program.


While much of us understand the starring characters of The Munsters, numerous will be asking “who is Zombo?” And it’s a reasonable concern, viewing as how the character just appeared in one episode. A die-hard fan of the wholesome series, it just makes good sense for Zombie to include him in his PG silver screen adjustment. In the episode, appropriately entitled “Zombo,” the family’s kid, Eddie (Butch Patrick) ends up being focused on the performer and is quickly his primary fan. The news of Eddie’s brand-new good example is a hard tablet to swallow for his daddy, Herman (Fred Gwynne) who wishes to recover his kid’s appreciation by handling qualities of Zombo.

When Eddie wins a sweepstake, making him both rewards and a possibility to be on Zombo’s television program, Herman gets back at more envious and goes to severe lengths to end up being the apple of Eddie’s eye as soon as again. Prior to dropping the statement, Zombie teased fans with the return of the character in another Instagram post. Lots of have actually been waiting to hear who would be cast as Eddie, so some hypothesized that the news would surround the casting expose or the return of Patrick to The Munsters universe.

Together With the Zombo’s look, fans can anticipate to see the whole family in the reboot with Frankenstein’s beast daddy, Herman Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips); vampire mom, Lily Munster (Sheri Moon Zombie); and Grandfather, aka The Count (Dan Roebuck). We understand that the initial series’ cousin Marilyn, Pat Priest, will be signing up with the cast, however it’s uncertain regarding what function she’ll be handling. The call sheet likewise consists of the famous Girlfriend of the Dark, Elvira, aka Cassandra Peterson, together with the similarity Richard Brake, Sylvester McCoy, Jorge Garcia, Catherine Schell, Dee Wallace, Jeremy Wheeler, and Tomas Boykin.

With the most recent expose of Zombo’s return, Zombie depends on his old techniques of providing us bits of what his reboot is forming up to appear like. Since today, no release date for The Munsters has actually been set, however remain tuned to Collider for the most recent. You can take a look at the main Zombo statement listed below.