The next 4 pictures of Arulnidhi standing in line .. Super hit 2nd part put on hold

Former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi’s grandson and M.K. Actor Arulnithi, son of Tamil Nadu.

Following the movie Vamsam, Arulnithi, who has given hits like Dimanti Colony and Mauna Guru, will be last seen in the film. In this film, Jeeva and he have acted together in two hero subjects.

But the film was not well received by the fans. Arulnithi continued to act in thriller films. No picture gave him a hand. Films like Vamsam Maunaguru and Aarathu Sinam earned him a good name.

But the film that suited him was Dimanti Colony, a 2015 thriller film written and directed by Asay Gyanamuthu. Initially the film will be finished just like the second part of this movie is coming out. Thus the fans are also waiting for the second part to come.

At that time the film crew also said that they were going to produce the second part. But they do not have the speed they had then. The second part of the Demandy Colony movie seems to be unpopular with anyone coming out now.

This is because Arulnithi has not given much importance to the film and is currently starring in four films like D Black and Tejavu which will be released in 2022 under the direction of Innasi Pandian in ‘Diary’ and Karu Palaniappan in ‘Pukhalendi Ennum Naan’.

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