The only question asked by the reporter .. Gangai Amaran who scolded in vulgar words

Musician Ilayaraja had written the foreword to a book titled Modi and Ambedkar a few days ago. In it he wrote that Modi was the reason why the country was on the path of development and that Ambedkar would be proud to see this.

He also said that every project under Modi’s rule would be implemented as Ambedkar had dreamed. The issue has caused a great deal of controversy on social media. Many people have been posting comments that it is wrong to compare Modi with Ambedkar.

Until now that affair has not come to an end. In this situation, Ilayaraja’s brother and BJP member Gangai Amaran has made the issue even bigger. It has come as a shock to many that the reporter who questioned him in an interview with a private channel spoke many vulgar words.

Asked about the Ilayaraja affair, the reporter asked Gangai Amaran if he had written the foreword. Gangai Amaran is talking to him like a rowdy saying hey, shut up without answering. In a tone of intense intimidation, he spoke authoritatively, leaving Netizens currently in turmoil.

And he was furious at what I had written in that preface. The person who talked about it was a stupid, ignorant dog who spoke very poorly. The shocked reporter did not listen to Ganga Amaran as he tried to reassure her.

Without letting him speak he shouted very aggressively what you know about Ambedkar and whether you read that preface. Many who have seen this do not know how to behave in a public place? It is in no way fair for an older person to behave in such a substandard manner.

They are condemning whether you are talking like this because of the courage of the party behind you. The video of him speaking is currently being shared and viralized by many on social media.

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