The only Tamil film in which 10 Legends acted together .. Kamal mixed in acting together in Sangamamai

It is very surprising that all the actors who have ruled Tamil cinema have acted in the same film. Some of those acclaimed as acting emperors have co-starred in the same film. That miracle happened in the movie World Hero Kamal Haasan.

Kamal Haasan is always able to use the latest technology in his films. He is also a multi-dedicated filmmaker. He has captivated the fans by acting in so many villains that no one can even imagine. Thus the 1989 film Rare Brothers starring Kamal was released.

The film was directed by Singitam Siniwasarao and produced by Kamal Haasan through his Rajkamal Films International. Ilayaraja composed the script for the film, which was written by Kamal Haasan’s friend Crazy Mohan. In the film, Kamal Haasan played two roles as Appu and Raja.

Kamal Haasan used many tricks to play the role of a dwarf in the role of Appu in the film. How this is possible until now is a question for many. And Kamal has kept this a secret until now. Kamal Haasan also won the Tamil Nadu Government Award for Best Actor for his performance in the film.

A total of 10 actors like Kamal, Nagesh, Jai Sankar Gautami, Manorama, Janakaraj, Mauli, Telliganesh, Nasser, Srivida have starred in the film. It can be said that this film is the Tamil Cinema Star Association

Thus the Rare Brothers film is understood to have many accomplishments. The film was to suit the tastes of everyone from children to adults. Fans are longing for a film like this to come out in Tamil cinema again.

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