The story of soccer legend Briana Scurry is headed to Paramount+. The life and increase of the iconic U.S. women’s soccer goalkeeper will be the topic of a documentary entitled The Only, which is set to drop in the U.S. on Tuesday, July 12. The function will follow the fluctuate of Scurry’s soccer profession and the gifted gamers she influenced on her method to the top. Leading the charge as the group’s just Black starter along with the only honestly gay gamer, Scurry’s tradition would move history and enable future professional athletes to feel comfy in their own skin.

A trailer launched ahead of the movie’s best starts the deep dive into Scurry’s life as audiences speak with a multitude of interviewees, consisting of soccer super star Abby Wambach, who credits Scurry’s bravery for enabling her and fellow mega-athlete Megan Rapinoe to be the vibrant and out women that they are. We’ll likewise speak with Scurry herself about her life in and out of the spotlight as “the only girl, the only Black kid, the only openly gay player.” And being the “only” one featured a heavy cost to pay in the method of Scurry’s psychological health. Handling bigotry and homophobia, the goalkeeper rapidly came down into a deep anxiety, which was made worse after a concussion cut her profession short.


Together With Wambach, audiences will speak with numerous other big names in the game, some who played together with Scurry, and others who looked and continue to appreciate her. Audiences can anticipate to see the similarity Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain, Julie Foudy, and Midget Purce together with sports reporters and analysts consisting of Grant Wahl, JP Dellacamera, and Meg Linehan.

From a youth sports prodigy to the last defense in conserving the U.S. women’s soccer group time and time once again, the life and story of Scurry is an under-celebrated journey of aspiration and strength that we’re happy to see lastly getting its due. Take a look at the movie’s trailer listed below and keep scrolling for the in-depth run-through.

Here’s the run-through:

The documentary checks out the inspiring magnificence and deeply dark corners of a Hall of Popularity goalkeeper who stood alone on the field as the only Black starter and the only honestly gay gamer. While commemorating the historical tradition of Scurry’s profession, consisting of 2 Olympic gold medals and a charge conserve to assist the U.S. win the 1999 Women’s World Cup, the movie likewise informs the story of how she conquered bigotry and homophobia at the time of her biggest victories prior to later finding herself on the edge of suicide following a career-ending concussion.

From Scurry’s darkest moments to her present financial investment in the ruling NWSL champ, Washington Spirit, THE ONLY supplies a unique autobiographical account of the life of a sports leader.